What Causes A Leaky Faucet?

leaky-faucetA dripping faucet may be the last of your problems but it doesn’t mean that won’t provide you any inconvenience. When the sound of leaking water keeps you up at night or when your utility bill skyrockets ridiculously, you’ll surely want to fix that tap right away! Now we have already posted DIY guides on how to repair a leaking faucet. So for today, let us tell you more about what causes this plumbing issue!

Damaged Faucet Parts

Among the most common culprits of leaking faucets are damaged parts. In fact, compression faucets are the most likely to get damaged. They have seals and washers inside that deteriorate and eventually become useless as the years go by. For washerless types like the cartridge faucet, the O-rings are often vulnerable to damage. With constant and continuous use, the water pressure hurt these parts until they end up inefficient in creating a seal inside the faucet. Thus, leaks result. A simple replacement of these parts will solve the problem!

Water Pressure

Did you know that faucet leaks which happen on specific times of the day indicate a water pressure problem. You see, when the water pressure is too high, water won’t flow from a certain pipes and instead backs up and seeps out of another outlet. This isn’t something that you have to panic about but the pressure must be reduced to put a stop to the leak. If turning the water supply valve won’t work, you have to call a licensed plumber to inspect your plumbing for you.

Broken Pipes and Fittings

This may seem unlikely and even weird at some point but sometimes, broken fittings and pipes may cause a faucet leak. Broken pipes and fittings create cracks in the system which then results to water pressure issues. Oftentimes, you’ll discover that the faucet which is hooked to the broken pipe will drip once in a while.

Worn Out Cartridge

Cartridge faucets are also vulnerable to leaks. The cartridge is the faucet’s component that features a rocket switch. It is responsible for blocking off or allowing water to flow out of the faucet simply by pushing the lever down or pulling it up. Now the constant flow of water or the presence of water pressure also affects the cartridge and eventually wears it out. That’s when leaks occur.

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Posted on: July 9, 2015