How to Fix a Leaky Boiler in Your Boston Home

boiler repairIs your boiler leaking but it’s not visible? Initially it’s important to know what type of boiler it is like, combination, heat only or system boiler.  A leaky boiler is very common but you need to implement the right solution. System or combination boilers undergo very high pressure but the heat only boilers do not work under any sort of high pressure. Boilers that endure elevate pressure are fitted with pressure gauge on the front side of the boiler or near the pipe work. Do you even know this that a leaking boiler might not be always leaking? Sounds strange!! Boilers that work under high pressure must have an expansion vessel attached externally or internally and this is what causes a leaking boiler.

Why do boilers leak?

A leak is initially a minor issue but it might turn serious if not addressed soon.  Majority boilers develop leakages because of bad water pipeline connections, corrosion, damaged valve or a broken seal. If you have enough knowledge, you can start detecting the cause but once detected, hire a professional Boston plumber. If you feel your boiler has serious issues, just shut off till you get it serviced. Here are a few steps for repairing a leaking boiler:

  • First indentify the source of gas leakage
  • Managing a faulty circulator
  • Checking and mending the pressure release valve
  • Checking whether the valve is leaking due to trapping of sediments
  • Cleaning the sediments
  • Changing the pressure relieve valve
  • If needed , a plumber might need to replace the valve
  • Pipe repairing

DIY hacks to repair a boiler leak

A sealant can be used to repair a boiler leak; it’s a liquid gummy seal that is used to repair minor leaks. Liquid sealant is harmful and you should not breathe in so work in a properly ventilated zone. Take precautions for your eyes and wear gloves and start applying it. Remember, this is not recommended for huge leaks or don’t try it if you are not a pro.

Sometimes it’s the expansion vessel

The expansion vessel is a crucial part of a boiler and the system would have problems if it’s not working perfectly. Loss of system pressure is a very common problem and a lot of people feel that it’s a leak in the boiler. The expansion vessel is like the car tire, it gets flat with time. When the vessel gives up on its pressure capability, water starts filling internally and it feels like a leak. Basically it’s just an issue with the expansion vessel so its better to get the vessel checked each year and reset the boiler for best performance.

Boiler servicing is a must

When your boiler is leaking, it’s futile to try out DIY methods, only a professional Boston plumbing agency can be the best solution.Female Trainee Plumber Working On Central Heating Boiler When you install a boiler, you need to develop a mindset for strict yearly servicing. You might have to pay heavy repair bills in case you feel there is no need for yearly servicing and that would definitely make a hole in your pocket. It is best to get in touch with a reputed local plumbing agency that works with Gas safe registered professionals who are adequately trained. There are many plumbers who leave out the expansion vessel while boiler servicing or mending leaks. Check and reset if required because you would want your system to run flawlessly during the cold months.


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Posted on: June 18, 2018