Save Money for Holiday Gifts with Leak Detection in Jacksonville Beach

save money for gifts with leak detectionThe holiday season is, undoubtedly, the most festive time of the year. Naturally, it also becomes the time of spending more money on shopping. Don’t be Scrooge this holiday season! Splurge a bit on holiday gifts because we’re sure you’ll save enough money with these tips on leak detection in Jacksonville Beach, FL.


Do These DIY Leak Detection Tips First


Start with the toilets

Check if your toilet is running, meaning water from the tank is leaking into the bowl. Drop liquid food coloring into the water tank just enough to make the water colored. Then, inspect the bowl after a few minutes. See if there’s some colored water that leaked from the tank. Once you confirm it’s leaking, check the insides of the tank and make sure that the rubber flap closes the tank’s hole after every flushing. If it’s old and worn out, you will have to replace it.

Hot water heater tank

water heater leak detectionSee if the pressure relief valve of your hot water heater’s tank is leaking. If this can’t be removed, listen carefully for any hissing sounds. Once you hear one, call a licensed Jacksonville Beach plumber right away. Do not attempt to repair this yourself, especially if you do not have any knowledge of repairing electrical or gas-powered devices.

Observe the water meter

Close all water sources in the house by shutting down the main water valve. Then, observe the water meter if the dial is moving. If it is, then it’s most likely that you have a leaking pipe. Check all the faucets and shower heads to see if they are dripping. Inspect all visible pipes for leaks. If you can’t find any, then you will need to avail a leak detection in Jacksonville Beach from a plumbing professional.

Take a look at the walls and floors

If you ever notice a moist or wet spot on the wall or floors, it is possible that there’s a broken pipe that’s leaking underneath. Call a reliable plumbing professional to resolve this. A slab leak requires quite a lot of other tasks other than just plumbing repair. Plumbers have a leak detection device that can be used to determine the exact spot of the leak. Then, the cement wall or floor will be taken out to expose the leak.


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Posted on: December 6, 2017