How to Know if you Need Leak Detection Service in Beaumont


leak detection beaumontPlumbing leaks may seem like a harmless occurrence; this is probably why most residential water leaks go undetected until it turns into a full-blown disaster. It appears fine to ignore at first, but in truth, even a slow constant drip can add up and waste gallons of water, and worst, it can cause thousand dollars’ worth of damages if left unfixed for a long time.

Why Hire a Professional to Perform Leak Detection in Your Home

Some leaks are easy to find, but some leaks stay hidden for an extended time. They are there, smirking at you while you are unaware of the terrible thing that is waiting to unfold itself. How am I supposed to know if there’s a hidden leak in my home if I am unable to see it? The answer is this: there are some telling signs that you have a hidden leak in your Texas home.

  • Damaged walls. One of the most common signs of an undetected leak is damaged walls. If you have a stained wall or if the paint in your walls has started to chip off, you are probably facing a leak problem.
  • Damaged floors. If you notice the floor in your bathroom or kitchen cracking and you have no idea why, the culprit could be a leak issue. Act quickly and contact a qualified technician to help you find out for sure if there’s a hidden leak you need to get fixed as soon as possible.
  • Mold or mildew. It turns out, that disgusting black stuff growing on your walls or floors aren’t just unsightly, they also pose serious health risks and can also cause costly damages if not removed pronto. Mold grows in areas where there is moisture, and a leaky pipe provides exactly what molds need to thrive. To entirely eliminate mold and to achieve long-term benefits, it is important to deal with the source of moisture first.
  • Musty smell around your home. When a leak goes ignored for an extended period of time, water starts to collect and become foul-smelling. If you notice damp smell anywhere in your home even after cleaning well, you may need to hire a pro to help you detect the source of the musty smell and find a solution.

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Posted on: March 17, 2017