Reasons to call a Lawn Sprinkler Repair Plumber in Kansas City

contact lawn sprinkler repair plumber in Kansas City
A lawn sprinkler system brings convenience to any homeowner with a big lawn. Just imagine the time that could be used to do other things instead of watering the lawn with a hose. Indeed, a broken lawn sprinkler system is bothersome. Expect wear and tear to get the better of your old lawn sprinkler system. As such, it is best to keep the contact details of a lawn sprinkler repair plumber in Kansas City in your phone book. That way, you can call right away when you need repair service done right away.

Possible Problems with a Lawn Sprinkler System

It may look simple, but lawn sprinkler systems are not easy to maintain. Here’s a list of possible problems that may arise from your lawn sprinkler system:

  1. Clogging of the filter screens.
  2. Leaking of the valves and spray heads spring.
  3. Kinking of tubing.
  4. Malfunctioning of the pop-up and rotary spray heads.
  5. Damage to spray heads due to accidents.
  6. A build-up of debris and dirt in the nozzles and small tubing.
  7. An electric failure that triggers a total reset of the system.

The problems listed above are not that serious compared to having fungal issues. A lawn sprinkler system can develop fungus when it takes in too much water after a power outage or an unexpected system reset while you are away from home. Another serious problem is when the lawn sprinkler system will not take in water at all. When this happens, you will have to replace the whole lawn sprinkler system.

The Importance of Lawn Sprinkler Repair and Maintenance

Most of the issues listed above are minor problems and can most likely be resolved on your own. For example, in case of a burst pipe incident, you can immediately turn off the main water valve to cut off the water supply while waiting for your licensed Kansas City plumber to arrive.

It is worthy to note that these lawn sprinkler troubles can also cause problems for the rest of your plumbing system. For instance, a clogged lawn sprinkler filter can cause a pipe to burst. Unfortunately, it is mostly unnoticeable until the shocking water bill arrives.

Kinks in pipes, leaking valves and clogged spray heads also cause minimal concern. These can be resolved with little repair costs on your part.

Avoid these lawn sprinkler repair problems by having your system regularly checked. As a lawn sprinkler system owner, you should realize that your obligation does not end with purchasing and installation. It is best to have your lawn sprinkler system checked by a plumbing professional at least once a year, along with the rest of your home plumbing system.

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Posted on: October 20, 2017