How To Hire A Contractor For Kitchen Remodeling Services

kitchen-remodeling-servicesAre you planning to remodel your kitchen soon?  Don’t worry too much about hiring a contractor. Though this seems like a challenging task, it actually isn’t! Here are some valuable tips that you should consider!

1. Ask For Referrals

Never forget to ask your loved ones and friends for referrals. If they have already worked with a contractor, they would know the latter’s expertise, experience and how they do business. Of course, only consider contractors that receive good feedback from their customers. And to support the referrals of people you know, you can proceed with tip #2.

2. Research

Now that you have a list of referrals from loved ones and friends, research about these companies online. Check their website and social media accounts. Don’t forget to visit review websites like Yelp, too. All the information published on these platforms will give you an idea about these companies. Facebook and Google+ are popular places where customers leave testimonials for companies or brands they have transacted or worked with. Take them to visit these before calling the companies to save time.

2. Credentials

While you’re doing your research on testimonials and customer feedback, don’t forget to also check on the contractors’ credentials. These are usually published on their websites together with their portfolio of projects. Also check if they are licensed, insured and certified. You can verify this with your local licensing agency. Lastly, find out if they’re affiliated with any professional association such as the NKBA, NARI or NAHB.

3. Interview

Cut down your list to only 3 potential candidates. Afterward, call each of these companies and get to know them more. There are contractors who require setting up phone appointments first but there are also those whom you can interview on the spot. Prepare a questionnaire so that you won’t forget anything.

4. References

When you have already established rapport with the contractors, ask them for references of their previous work. Based on their projects, ask yourself if you would be willing to work with them.

5. Meeting

Set up a face-to-face meeting with the contractors. Let them take a look at your kitchen so that they would know how much work should be done. It will be better and easier for them to create a plan when they’ve already seen the actual kitchen. Take advantage of the meeting to let them know about the things that you want done. As much as possible, be specific. Ask them for suggestions, too. They would know which materials are better or cheaper.

6. Quotation

After the meeting, ask them to submit their quotations. Once you receive the document, thoroughly read it. Make sure that everything’s put in writing including the terms of payment; scope of work; the plan; the schedule; a clause about disputes and any other important matters that should be included.

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Posted on: September 16, 2015