How to Fix a Jammed Garbage Disposal in Boynton Beach, Florida

jammed garbage disposal in Boynton Beach FloridaIt is always a good thing to save money. This also applies to things that are needed to be fixed in the home. With the abundance of how-to books in stores today, plus countless resources available on the Internet, you can fix a jammed garbage disposal in Boynton Beach, Florida with little effort. There are a few things that you can do yourself to save money and we have listed them all down in this article.

Check if there are Obstructions

Once you discover your jammed garbage disposal in Boyton Beach, Florida, the first thing you should do is to switch off the power supply. You can also do this through the circuit breaker.  This will prevent accidental electrocution. Then, using a flashlight and a pair of tongs, remove anything that could be causing the blockage. Do not put your fingers inside the garbage disposal as the blade can cut your fingers even when it is shut down.

Forcibly Remove The Clog

You may not see any obstruction but obviously, something is causing the jam. It could be stuck somewhere in the middle of the garbage disposal unit. You can use a rubber plunger to forcibly move the clog with air pressure. Sometimes a material from the washer gets stuck in the middle of the garbage disposal. A wrench is included in your garbage disposal’s original packaging. Use this to free anything that is lodged inside the machine. Your last resort is to remove the unit itself with the same wrench

Call Plumbers 911 for your Jammed Garbage Disposal in Boynton

When all else fails, call a licensed Boynton plumber from Plumbers 911.

If the previous steps did not work, then there could be a problem in the parts itself. A garbage disposal al unit has complex parts inside it. Without enough knowledge about plumbing and fixing garbage disposal units, your only choice is to call a professional. Yes, you will be spending money on repair. But, come to think of it, you might just do more harm than good if you try to repair your garbage disposal without the proper knowledge and tools.

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Posted on: November 20, 2017