A DIY Guide On Installing Dishwasher Drain Pipes

installing-dishwasherThe dishwasher is an essential appliance in every kitchen. It’s a valuable technological innovation that helps people cut down the time it takes to clean up after meals. Instead of spending so much time to wash the dishes, people just have to load the dirty utensils in the machine, push a button and focus on other important tasks. Now since this is an appliance that makes use of the plumbing, a drain pipe should be hooked up to it to get rid of the gray water. Here’s how it’s set up.

1. The water supply valve will be turned off as well as the sink’s hot water inlet. Once done, a dual outlet valve will be connected to the existing hot water inlet. The sink’s hot water outlet will be hooked to one of the inlets while the dishwasher line will be attached to the other one. Lastly, the outlet valve will be used and turned to guarantee that water flows out of both outlets.

2. Afterward, the supply lines will be connected to the dishwasher machine. Now take note that the installation process depends on the brand, type and model of the appliance. Usually, the installation will commence with the threading of the machine’s water inlet. A Teflon tape will be used for this task.

3. Then, the inlet’s right angle elbow will be wrapped with tape as well. A wrench will be utilized to secure the connection. If the dishwasher features front inlets, a tape will be required to thread the water supply lines as well as the electrical wires. They will be positioned right under the appliance.

4. Once this is accomplished, the drain pipe will be installed next. The pipe is hooked to an existing drain piece on the dishwasher machine. On the other hand, if it’s a new installation, the kitchen sink’s drainpipe will be replaced with the appliance’s tailpiece. Doing so will allow the connection of the pipe to the sink drain.

5. The drainpipe will be attached and secured behind the dishwasher by using some strapping and screws. The top arch of the pipe will be positioned higher than the appliance’s inlet. This way, the gray water won’t back up.

6. If an air gap is required, that will be connected to the supply line, too. After this, the electrical wires will be set up.

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Posted on: June 23, 2015