How To Install A Dishwasher Drain Pipe The Right Way

install-a-dishwasherA dishwasher is a vital appliance in the kitchen. It saves us a lot of energy when cleaning up after meals. It allows us to work on other things while the plates are being washed, thus saving us a lot of time, too. If you are interested in learning how the dishwasher is installed, read on and check out this DIY guide!

Let’s assume that the installation area is already for the dishwasher has already been prepared. Follow these steps to connect the drain and water supply pipes.

1. First things, first, turn the water supply valve off and remove the sink’s hot water inlet. Afterward, attach a dual outlet valve to the existing hot water inlet. The kitchen sink’s hot water outlet should be connected to one of the inlets and the dishwasher water line should be connected to the other one. Finally, use the outlet valve and turn it to ensure that water will flow out of the two outlets.

2. When you’re done with the above, connect the supply line to the dishwasher.  Depending on the type and model of your appliance, the process will actually vary. Generally, the task should start by threading the dishwasher’s water inlet with Teflon tape. Afterward, the inlet’s right angle elbow will be threaded, too. Make use of a wrench to secure the line. If your appliance has front inlets, you’ll probably need to tape the water supply and electrical wiring to the floor. This way, they will be placed under the dishwasher.

3. After the supply pipes, work on the drain pipe next. Connect the pipe to an already existing drain piece on the appliance. However, if you’re working on a new installation, you must replace the sink’s drainpipe with a dishwasher tailpiece. This way, you can connect the tube to the sink drain.

4. Connect and secure the drain pipe behind the appliance with the use of a strapping and screw. This way, the top arch of the tube is positioned higher than the inlet. This will ensure that soiled water won’t back up into the appliance.

5. If the dishwasher that you have requires the use of an air gap, make sure that you’ll connect it to the supply line. When you’re done with these steps, the wiring should be set up next.

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Posted on: June 18, 2015