A Guide On How To Stop Shower Dripping

how to stop shower drippingSooner or later, you’ll discover that your shower knob leaks. It’s natural. Its components will wear out over time and that will result to dripping. And though most shower leaks aren’t so bad, you have to remember that the continuous flow of water leads to wastage which leads to high charges on your utility bill. If you want to know how this kind of plumbing problem is fixed, read on and check out our short DIY guide!

1. First things, first. Turn the water supply valve off to prevent water from shooting out of the shower knob while you’re repairing it. When you’ve shut the supply valve off, turn the faucet on to confirm that there’s no water being delivered to your fixtures.

2. When you’re sure that there’s no more water in the plumbing lines, look for the decorative cap at the center of the knob. Pry it off with a knife or any flat substitute.

3. When you’ve uncovered the screw, loosen it with a screwdriver. Afterward, carefully pull off the handle. If the handle won’t budge, warm it up with a hairdryer. If that won’t solve the problem, you may also use a handle puller. Once you’ve removed the handle, just set it aside.

4. You must understand that we’re dealing with a cartridge faucet here. There’s no single way to remove the cartridge from the faucet so make sure that you’ll check and follow the manufacturer’s instructions. In most cases, you should look for a spring or a clip and remove it. That’s what keeps the cartridge connected to the faucet’s body. After the spring or clip, you should remove the old handle washer.

5. Now if your cartridge comes with a removal cap, you just need to align that lid with the cartridge’s ears. Twist it and pull it out with a pair of pliers.

6. If the previous steps won’t work, you’ll have to make use of a cartridge puller to remove that part. Usually, you’ll just have to remove the hex screw and nut until the threads become apparent. Slide the puller right over the cartridge assembly. Align the ears with the notches and turn to loosen them.

7. When the old cartridge has been removed, install the new one in place. Make sure that its parts are aligned properly. Reassemble the faucet / shower knob. Turn the water supply valve on. Run the shower or tap and check for leaks.

We hope that you learned how to stop shower dripping from our blog today. If the problem persists, just call a trustworthy Prairie Village plumber to repair your shower. Plumbers 911 Kansas provides exceptional plumbing services in Prairie Village KS including plumbing fixture installation, faucet repair, toilet repair, HVAC services, leak detection and many more! Call us at (913) 948-9200 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: May 13, 2015