How To Snake A Kitchen Sink The Right Way

how to snake a kitchen sinkA clogged kitchen sink is truly inconvenient especially if you’re in the middle of cooking or cleaning up after a meal. Fortunately, there are a lot of easy ways to unclog a sink drain. You may use the powerful combination of baking soda and vinegar. You may pour a kettle of boiling hot water to wash away the sticky substances in the pipes. You may also rely on your good old plunger.  Now if the problem persists after trying all these methods, you still have one other tool to try — your plumbing snake. Here’s a DIY guide to help you unclog your sink drain using this amazing plumbing tool!

1. Remove the screen or trap that covers the drain hole.

2. Insert the end of your plumbing snake into the hole and start turning its crank clockwise to move it further inside the pipes.

3. When you feel some kind of resistance, you probably reached the curve or the trap. It’s the U-shaped part of the pipe. Keep on pushing the snake through by turning the crank clockwise.

4. Once the snake passes the curve and touches on another solid object, you’ll know that it’s the clog. Rotate the snake crank while giving it a little push to break through the clog. Keep on rotating to chop it into tinier pieces.

5. When you no longer feel any kind of resistance, slowly pull the plumbing snake out. Have a waste container ready to dispose the particles that you’ll hook out.

6. Repeat the process if you feel like there are still substances left inside the pipes. When you’re done, simply pour a kettle of boiling water into the drain.

7. Check if the clog has been removed. Hopefully, this method solves the problem. Otherwise, you might need to detach the trap under the sink and remove the clog from there.

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Clean your kitchen sink regularly to avoid clogging its drain pipe! Watch this video to find out how to do it properly.

Posted on: December 5, 2014