How To Replace Shower Faucet When It’s Already Damaged

how-to-replace-shower-faucetA shower faucet will last long but time will come when it’s will no longer work as good as when it was new. It will leak, get corroded or simply not budge at all when you try to use it. Fortunately, it is not that difficult to replace a damaged shower faucet. If you want to know how it is done, read on and check out our easy-to-follow DIY guide!

1.  Just as you repair other plumbing fixtures, you must first turn the water supply valve off first. Doing so will prevent water from spraying out of the faucet while you’re working on it.

2. When you’ve stopped the water supply, get a flathead screwdriver and use it to pry of the decorative cap on the faucet handle. Once you’ve removed that, you should see a screw that keeps the handle in place.

3. Now get a Phillips screwdriver and utilize it to loosen the screw under the faucet handle cap. Rotate the screw in a counterclockwise direction to loosen it up. Then, pull the old faucet handle off the fixture’s mount carefully. Detach the other faucet handle the same way.

4. Afterward, insert the tip of the flathead screwdriver at the back of the escutcheons. These things cover the hole where the handle mounts are installed. Pry the escutcheon off the wall carefully. Then, get rid of the other one, too.

5. Now, look for the retaining nut of the faucet posts. These are supposed to be located inside the hole that was previously covered by the escutcheons. When you find the retaining nuts, use a wrench to loosen them up and remove them. After that, get a pair of slip-jaw pliers and use it to grip the faucet post. Pull it out of the plumbing assembly in the wall carefully.

6. Once done, insert a new faucet post into the installation area. Thread a new retaining onto it and then tighten it with your adjustable wrench. Do the same thing with the other faucet handle if you ever have two of them.

7. Afterward, put the new escutcheons in place. Install the new faucet handles, too. Tighten the screw that secures them to the wall with the use of a Phillips screwdriver. Put the new decorative caps in place, too.

8. Turn the water supply valve on and run the faucet or the shower. Check the assembly for leaks.

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Learn how to repair a leaky shower faucet. Watch this video now!

Posted on: July 21, 2015