A Guide On How To Replace A Shower Faucet

how-to-replace-a-shower-faucetShower faucets come in different types. There are single-handle, double-handle and three-handle units.  They differ in terms of how they function. For instance, single-handle faucets control water flow with just a single controller. Two-handle faucets, of course, have separate hot and cold controls. Three-handle faucets have hot, cold and diverter controls. If you’re going to replace an old shower faucet, you have to choose the same type unless you want to change the plumbing assembly, too.

1. Turn the water supply valve off. If your shower doesn’t have its own, shut the main water supply.

2. Now check the faucet handle and look for the decorative cap that’s usually found at the center. Pry it off with the use of a flathead screwdriver. Do the same thing with the other handle if you have a two-handle faucet.

3. Afterward, use a Phillips screwdriver to remove the screw inside the faucet handle. Rotate the screw counterclockwise to loosen the handle. When you’re done, carefully pull the handle off the fixture’s mount. Remove the other faucet handle, too.

4. Now get the flathead screwdriver again and insert it at the back of the escutcheons. The escutcheons cover the hole on the wall and secure the handle mounts. Remove them.

5. Find the retaining nut on the faucet posts inside the whole which was once hidden by the escutcheon. Loosen and detach the nut using an adjustable pipe wrench. Afterward, get slip-jaw pliers and use it to clench the end of the handle mount. Then, carefully pull the faucet post out.

6. Now get your new faucet kit. Insert the fixture’s post the same way that the old one was. Secure it by threading a retaining nut and tighten it with an adjustable wrench.

7. Once done, mount the new escutcheons on the faucet posts. Install the new faucet handles, too. Secure the handle screws with the use of a Phillips screwdriver. Put the new decorative caps over the faucet handles.

8. Now turn the water supply valve on. Run the faucet and check for leaks.

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Posted on: July 1, 2015