How To Install A Toilet Like A Pro

how-to-install-a-toiletInstalling a toilet is a tricky job. It requires not only plumbing skills but a certain amount of patience that will help you finish the task without losing your cool. If you ever want to know how to replace your toilet, today is your lucky day because we’re sharing this detailed DIY guide on our blog! Read on and learn a few tips and tricks that may come in handy in the future!

Removal Of The Old Toilet

  1. Turn off the toilet’s water supply valve that’s found at the side of the tank. There should be a supply line that protrudes from the base of the floor or on the wall. That’s where the supply valve is. Afterward, flush the toilet and scoop out the remaining water inside the tank. Detach the supply valve from the toilet bowl when you’re done.
  2. Look for the bolts that secure that tank to the bowl. Remove their nuts to be able to remove the tank. If the nuts are corroded and won’t budge, use penetrating oil. When you’re done, carefully lift the toilet tank off the fixture and place it on the floor, on top of old towels or rags.
  3. Afterward, check the base of the toilet and look for the bolt caps. Remove them to uncover the closet bolts that secure the bowl to the floor. Remove them.
  4. When you’re done, rock the toilet sideways to loosen it from its gasket. Carefully remove the gasket and place it somewhere safe.
  5. Now that you have access to the drain, plug it to prevent foul gas and odor from escaping it. Make sure that the rag or cloth you’ll use to plug the drain won’t eventually fall into the pipe.
  6. Afterward, get a putty knife and use it to scrape the putty or wax from the toilet’s base. Clean the installation area and make sure that it’s level before you proceed.

Installation Of The New Toilet

  1. Now before the installation, check the flange. If it’s still in great condition, you may still use it. If it’s already cracked or damaged, you’ll have to use a new one.
  2. Start by insert the bolts into the flange. Make sure that they are parallel to the wall behind the fixture.
  3. Afterward, turn the toilet bowl over and install its wax ring, ensuring that the tapered end faces the toilet.
  4. Unplug the drain pipe hole and then place the toilet bowl onto the flange. Don’t forget to put the retainer washers and nuts into place, too. The tapered washers should also be installed with the correct side facing up. Check the instructions for more info.
  5. Then, put the toilet carefully in its place and carefully press it down. Tighten the nuts on the toilet’s bolts at the base.
  6. Now proceed with the installation of the bolt caps. Once done, seal the base of the toilet. Use your hands when applying the sealant.
  7. Afterward, put a rubber gasket over the bottom of the toilet tank. Slide the mounting bolts as well as the rubber washers through the mounting area.
  8. Put the tank in place and tighten the nuts until it is secured. Install the toilet seat, too.
  9. When you’re done with the assembly, connect the water supply line. Secure it with the screw that came with it and then turn the supply valve on. Let the tank get filled up with water and flush it. Check the toilet for leaks.

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Posted on: July 22, 2015