How To Install A Kitchen Sink

how-to-install-a-kitchen-sinkCan you imagine a kitchen without a sink? Of course, not. The kitchen sink is an indispensable component of this room in your house. Without it, you won’t be able to get through all the activities that are done in the kitchen: cleaning pots and pans, cooking, preparing food and what-nots. Now installing a kitchen sink is a tricky job. But if you want to know how it’s done, here’s a DIY guide we prepared for you!

1. Let’s say that you’re just replacing your old sink. You should then get a new sink with the size as the old one. Take a quick measurement to ensure that you’ll buy the right one from the plumbing supply shop.

2. Before you start with the replacement, you must first shut the water supply valve off. Afterward, turn the faucet on to get rid of any excess water inside the pipe and relieve pressure, too.

3. Once done, disconnect the water supply lines and remove the faucet assembly. Remove the soap dispenser if you have one.

4. If you have a garbage disposal installed, turn the main circuit breaker off. When you’re sure that there’s no electricity being supplied to the machine, remove the garbage disposal system carefully.

5. When you’re done, start removing the slip nut and gasket that’s connected to the drain pipe. Do this carefully so you won’t flood your work area.

6. Now check under the sink. There’s supposed to be a clamp that holds the basin in place. Loosen it.

7. Afterward, get a box knife and score along the edges of the sink to get rid of the caulking. When you’re done, lift the old washbasin carefully.

8. If you see any leftover caulk, remove it with a knife to clean the installation surface.

9. Apply new caulk under the sink. Put it along the edges, too then carefully position the sink on the counter.

10. Press onto the sink to seal the edges. Caulk may seep out so wipe it out fast.

11. Hook the clamp under the sink and tighten it to secure the fixture. Re-install the faucet and the plumbing supply lines.

12. Apply a new layer of plumber’s putty around the new sink drain strainer. Assemble it properly just like the old one. Remember to tighten the nut and the washer that came with the kit then remove any excess putty.

13. Re-install your garbage disposal system. Make sure that all the connections are tight. Once done, turn the circuit breaker on and test the sink. Run the tap and check for leaks.

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Posted on: June 11, 2015