How To Install A Kitchen Sink Like A Pro

how-to-install-a-kitchen-sinkImagine your kitchen without a sink. That would be a tragedy! The majority of activities that we do in the kitchen rely on the sink: food preparation, washing pots and pans, cleaning and what-nots. We won’t smoothly get through a day in the kitchen without it.  Anyway, if you are looking for a DIY guide on how to install a kitchen sink, we want you to know that you came to the right place. Indeed, we’ll be sharing an awesome reference guide with you today. So read on and let’s get on your DIY project!

1. For this tutorial, let’s assume that you just need a replacement for your old, rusty sink. Get a new one from the nearest home depot or plumbing supply. Just make sure that you’ll measure the size of your counter so that the new one will fit right into it.

2. Now when you have the replacement sink on hand, you should first turn off the main water supply valve. This way, water won’t shoot out from the faucet while you’re working on your new sink. To ensure that your faucet’s line is free from water as well, turn it on and get rid of the remaining water inside the pipe.

3. When you’re sure that it’s dry, you must first disconnect the water supply line from the existing faucet assembly. If your sink has a soap dispenser, remove that as well.

4. Do you have a garbage disposal? Make sure that you’ll turn the main panel or circuit breaker off. You don’t want to get electrocuted. Then, detach the garbage disposal from your sink.

5. After taking care of the garbage disposal, you’ll have to remove the gasket and slip nut that connects the disposal to the drain pipe. Get a container or bucket ready and place it under the pipe. This should catch any excess liquid inside the drain pipe.

6. Once you’re done, check the underside of your sink. Look for a clamp that keeps the sink basin in place. Loosen it up gently and then get a box knife. You must score the edges of the existing sink to remove the caulking. When you have removed all the caulking, carefully lift the old sink.

7. Now you must clean the installation area. If you see any leftover caulk, remove it.

8. Afterward, proceed with the application of the new caulk under the sink. Apply it along the edges of the counter and then carefully put the sink in place. Press onto it to secure the edges and wipe any caulk that will seep out.

9. Then, hook the clamp under the new sink that you just installed. Tighten it to secure the sink to the counter.

10. Once you’re done, you may proceed with the re-installation of the faucet and the drain pipe. If you need help, check our resources on how to install a kitchen faucet and how to replace kitchen sink drain assembly. These should help you put everything back in place.

11. Make sure that you’ll apply a new layer of putty along the edges of the new sink drain strainer. Also remember to tighten the washer and the nut. Remove any excess putty that will ooze out.

12. Finally, re-install your garbage disposer. You have to be very careful when doing this and ensure that the connections are leak-free and tight. When you’re done, turn the garbage disposal’s circuit breaker and the water supply valve on. Test the garbage disposal and the faucet. Don’t forget to check for leaks.

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Posted on: April 27, 2016