How To Flush Water Heater The Right Way

how-to-flush-water-heaterWater heaters are expensive and yet homeowners like us invest on them. Why? Well, simply because they make our daily lives a lot more convenient. What matters is that proper care and maintenance are provided because they contribute in the longevity of these plumbing appliances. And speaking of maintenance, among the many ways of keeping the water heater in great condition is to flush its tank regularly. If you don’t know how, read on and learn from the best plumbers in the US!

1. Find the fuse box or the breaker of your electric water heater. Turn it off to stop supplying the appliance with electricity. If you have a gas water heater, use the thermostat instead. To be safe, disable the fuse or the circuit of the electric water heater.  On the other hand, set the thermostat of a gas water heater to “pilot”.

2. Afterward, shut the cold water supply valve off, which is found near or at the cold water supply pipe at the top of the water heater tank. You can turn if off by turning it clockwise.

3. Next, turn the hot water faucet of your sink or your bathtub. Doing so will avoid a vacuum that can disrupt the flow of water in your water heater supply pipes. Leave the fixture open while you’re working on your water heater.

4. When you’re done with that, connect a garden hose to your water heater’s drain cock. You should see it at the bottom of the unit. It looks like an ordinary hose bib like that of your garden faucet or a circular dial with a hole at the center.

5. When you have connected the garden hose to the drain cock, run it to a safe place where water will be discharged. You can simply extend it to an outdoor drain or your driveway where water can flow without causing problems.

6. Once done, open the water heater’s drain cock to let the water flow out. You may want to open the T&P valve to relieve some pressure out of the tank and let water flow without any trouble. If you’ll do this, do not forget to place a bucket under the water heater’s discharge pipe before opening the valve.

7. After a few minutes of flushing the water, fill a bucket with the water from the heater. If you still see sand-like minerals at the bottom of the bucket, the tank still needs to get flushed.

8. Once the water gets clear, you can then close the drain cock. Detach the garden hose from the water heater. Don’t forget to close the unit’s T&P valve. Turn off the hot water faucet that you turned on earlier.

9. Turn the water supply valve on and let the tank get filled up with water. Turn the circuit breaker on again or the thermostat if you have a gas water heater. Don’t forget to observe the tank and the supply pipes for leaks.

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Posted on: July 29, 2015