A Detailed Guide On How To Fix Clogged Washing Machine Pipes

how to fix clogged washing machineEvery time that you wash your dirty clothes in your washing machine, you should expect that the appliance will be exposed to different kinds of wastes and sediments. Regardless if these are only small particles, you should still be concerned because without proper cleaning and maintenance, they will accumulate and clog the drain pipe. If your washing machine drain is clogged at the moment, read on and learn how you can resolve this plumbing issue.

1. Locate the drain at the back of the washing machine. Detach the pipe from the drain with the use of a wrench. You can use a drain unclogger specially made for washing machines. You can get one from supply stores or groceries but just make sure that you’ll choose the brand that doesn’t contain harsh chemicals. Also remember to use the unclogger accordingly and carefully follow its usage instructions that are indicated on its label.

2. If you used a washing machine drain clog remover and it didn’t work, you’ll have to rely on your plumbing snake. Carefully insert the end of the snake into the drain. Push it further into the pipe by turning its crank clockwise. When you feel some kind of resistance, you’ve finally detected the blockage. Keep on turning the crank in order to break the clog into smaller pieces.

3. If the plumbing snake didn’t successfully get rid of the blockage, you can attach the snake to a drill to make it even more powerful. Once you’ve connected the two tools, carefully insert the snake’s wire into the pipe again until it reaches the clog. Secure the drill with your two hands to ensure that you won’t accidentally drop it to the floor. Turn the drill on and start breaking the clog.

4. When you’re done, slowly turn the crank, this time in a counterclockwise manner, to pull the plumbing snake out of the drain. It may catch some waste materials so make sure that you’ll dispose them properly.

5. If you think there’s still a clog somewhere in the pipe, just use the drill and snake again. Keep on repeating this task until you no longer feel any resistance inside the drain.

6. To test if the clog has been successfully removed, simply pour water into the pipe. Doing so will also wash away the leftover sediments inside the pipe. You can also connect the washing machine hose to the drain and then use the machine just to guarantee that it’s okay to be used again.

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Learn how to fix a washing machine drain. Watch this video to get step-by-step instructions!

Posted on: January 1, 2015