How To Fix A Loose Faucet Like A Pro

how to fix a loose faucetAs we have mentioned on our previous blog post, faucets are among the most used plumbing fixtures at home. And because of their constant usage, they are prone to wear and tear. Oftentimes, you’ll discover that the problematic taps you have are the ones that are frequently used. And that’s not surprising at all. These fixtures are made up of several components that wear out easily and once they do, they end up leaking, loose or totally damaged. Now we have already blogged about the proper way of fixing loose kitchen faucets. So for today, let us talk about how to repair loose tub spouts!

1. Turn the water supply valve off to avoid flooding the bathroom. If you can’t find a valve specifically installed for the tub faucet, just turn the main water supply off.

2. Look for the set screw that holds the faucet in place. In most bathtub faucets, it is located on the very fixture. Use an Allen wrench and turn the screws clockwise to loosen them. If you can’t see the screws clearly, use a flashlight to illuminate them.

3. Once you have removed the screws, get your handy dandy screwdriver to open the tap. Insert its tip at the end of the tub faucet. Twist it carefully and pull it out. If you’re successful with this step, you should be able to slide the fixture over.

4. If, on the other hand, your bathtub faucet doesn’t have a set screw, you just have to twist and remove it. Remember to turn it in a clockwise direction. It’s possible that you won’t be able to turn it easily. Just do so more rigorously or you can simply wrap the fixture with a towel and then use your wrench to turn it. The towel will protect the faucet from the wrench’s teeth.

5. Assess the problem. If the fixture is just simply loose but not leaking, you can go ahead and install it back; making sure that you’ll tighten the connection this time. Otherwise, you’ll have to replace the worn out components. To make sure that you’ll use the right parts, bring the fixture to the plumbing supply shop and seek the assistance of the store clerks to get the right replacement.

6. Once you’ve acquired the right parts (washer, O-ring, stem and what-nots), reassemble the faucet. Slide the fixture back in place and then use your Allen wrench to tighten the set screw. You also have to wrap the water pipe with Teflon tape to make the connection leak-free. Take note that you have to wrap the tape using one direction only. When you’re done, turn the water supply valve on and run the tap. Check for leaks.

We hope that you learned how to fix a loose faucet through our blog today. If you need expert help, just call a licensed Arlington plumber to repair the faucet. Plumbers 911 Washington DC delivers exceptional and affordable plumbing services in Arlington VA including faucet repair, leak detection, toilet repair, plumbing fixture installation, plumbing appliances installation, water heater repair and many more! Call us now at (877) 932-5325 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: February 5, 2015