How To Fix A Loose Faucet Handle The Right Way

how to fix a loose faucet handleOver time, your faucet won’t work as efficiently as it should. With constant use, the threads in the faucet will wear out, resulting to a loose handle, too. Before the problem gets any worse, you should attend to the issue right away. Otherwise, the faucet may eventually leak or you might even have to replace it entirely. If you would like to try to fix the problem on your own, here’s a DIY guide you can follow.

1. Turn off the water supply of the faucet. This is important to prevent water from shooting off while you’re doing the repair.

2. Next, look for the decorative cap in the faucet handle. It’s usually found at the center, labeled with H for hot or C for cold. You have to pry it off with the use of a thin knife blade or a flathead screwdriver. Once you’ve popped it out, remove the screw with your Philips screwdriver. Upon unscrewing, you should be able to slip the faucet stem off.

3. If your faucet handle is secured with a set screw rather than a single screw, use an Allen wrench instead.

4. Get your choice of plumber’s tape and wrap it around the faucet stem in a clockwise direction. You have to use a knife to trim its end. Ensure that the ends won’t overlap. Also remember to wrap one at a time. When you’re done, slip the faucet handle back onto its place.

5. Test the fit. If the handle is still loose, remove the stem again and wrap it. Continue wrapping the stem until the handle is tight.

6. When you’ve put the handle back in place, tighten the screw once again. Put the decorative cap back and make sure that it’s facing the right direction.

7. Turn the water supply valve on. Run the tap and check for leaks.

We hope that you learned how to fix a loose faucet handle from our blog today. If you need professional assistance, just call a reliable Overland Park plumber to fix the tap for you. Plumbers 911 Kansas provides excellent plumbing services in Overland Park KS including faucet repair, plumbing fixture installation, water heater repair, home remodeling, toilet repair and many more! Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: April 8, 2015