How To Fix A Leaking Toilet Tank The Right Way

how-to-fix-a-leaking-toilet Toilet leaks are among the most common issues that you’ll experience at home. You’ll discover that water may leak from its base which indicates a damaged or loose toilet flange. The leak may also come between the tank and the bowl. This indicates a component inside the tank that has deteriorated or is already worn out. To get rid of this issue, follow this DIY guide!

1. First of all, shut the water supply valve off. Simply turn the valve clockwise to prevent water from filling the tank up.

2. Afterward, flush the toilet. Doing so will drain the toilet tank completely. If there’s remaining water inside the tank, scoop it out with a disposable cup or use a sponge to absorb it.

3. Once the tank is empty, get an adjustable wrench and use it to hold the nut that’s found under the tank bolt. Remove both of the tank bolts with a reliable screwdriver.

4. When the screws have been removed, you have to carefully lift the tank from the toilet bowl. Set some towels or rags on the floor and place the tank onto it. Ask someone to help you with this task to avoid breaking the tank.

5. Now check the old spud washer. Chances are, it’s already worn out. Remove it with the use of an adjustable wrench as well.

6. Afterward, install a new spud washer. Make sure that the connection is secure and tight by using a spud nut.

7. Then, get rid of the old gaskets and bolts. Clean the holes where these components are removed from. Use a sponge or a wire brush to remove any leftover debris inside the tank. The surface should be cleaned thoroughly to ensure that the new gasket will be installed efficiently.

8. Get your new gaskets and install them onto each of the bolts. Guarantee that they are both firmly seated.

9. Once done, insert the bolt through the holes located at the bottom of the tank. Put the nuts back in place and tighten them to prevent leaking.

10. Put the toilet tank back onto the bowl. Tighten the nuts and bolts with the use of your screwdriver and adjustable wrench. Just don’t overtighten them to prevent breaking the tank.

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Posted on: August 5, 2015