How To Fix A Garbage Disposal Clogged

garbage disposal cloggedThe garbage disposal machine is an awesome kitchen appliance. It helps us dispose food scraps and waste materials fast and easy. But while it is a powerful machine, you should know that it is also prone to clogging. With its exposure to different substances such as grease and sticky or oily food items, you’ll sooner or later discover that it’s unfortunately jammed or clogged up. And you know what may happen next. The circuit breaker may pop and the machine’s motor may burn out. Here’s how this kind of problem is fixed.

1. Turn the garbage disposal’s circuit breaker off through your main electrical panel. This will ensure that you won’t get electrocuted and thwart the onset any related accidents that may arise. Also tell the people in your household to not touch the electrical panel while you’re working on the machine.

2. When the circuit breaker has been turned off, flip the machine’s switch. Test and ensure that even if the switch is turned on, no power will be supplied to the disposer. The appliance should also remain silent and not produce any humming sound when the switch is flipped. After checking, turn the machine off again and use a circuit tester to guarantee that no current is flowing to it.

3. Once you’re a hundred percent sure that the machine won’t operate anymore, check under the sink and inspect the garbage disposal’s bottom area. Look for the hole that’s usually situated at the center of the disposer’s butt. It is the machine’s center shaft and looks like a hexagon shape.

4. Get your Allen wrench and insert it to that hexagon hole. Turn the Allen wrench back and forth to turn the shaft which will in turn, flip the blades. Do this multiple times until there’s no more resistance and you’re able to turn it all the way.

5. Remove the wrench from the hole and then push the machine’s reset button. It’s found at the base and is colored red. Tighten the shaft again with your wrench after resetting the machine.

6. Turn the circuit breaker on again. Flip the garbage disposal machine’s switch to turn it on. This time, there should be no resistance and the blades should work properly again.

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Posted on: March 24, 2015