DIY Guide On How To Fix A Clogged Basement Floor Drain

how to fix a clogged basement floor drainExperiencing clogged drains is a part of your domestic life. You just won’t be able to tell when build-ups will occur therefore causing blockages to hinder the smooth flow of waste materials in your drain pipes. In fact, this plumbing issue affects not only your sink drains or toilets. You may also expect it to affect your basement floor drains. In case you’re faced with this kind of plumbing problem, here’s a quick and easy DIY guide to help you resolve it with ease.

1. Before doing any kind of troubleshooting or repair, make sure that you’ll wear protective rubber gloves first. Different types of wastes pass through your drain pipes and you surely do not want to get your hands contaminated by them.

2. When you already have your gloves on, get your bucket and scoop out any remaining water on your basement floor. Doing so will help you access your floor drain a lot easier.

3. Find your clean-out access. Every home should have one because it helps plumbers (and DIY enthusiasts like you) to check and clean the pipes without any hassle.

4. Once you have located your clean-out, remove its cover with a wrench.

5. Get your plumbing snake and insert it into the opening. Push it into the pipe and pour some water, too. This will add some pressure that will help the snake move further down. Keep on pushing the plumbing snake inside until it touches on a blockage.

6. When you reach the clog, turn the plumbing snake’s crank clockwise to try to break it into smaller pieces. Repeat this process several times until you feel that there’s no more resistance.

7. When you have cleared the pipe, slowly pull the plumbing snake out. Make sure that you have a bucket ready by your side so that you can dispose of any waste material that your snake catches.

8. Once you are sure that there’s no more solid object left inside the pipe, get a pot of boiling hot water and pour it down the drain. This will wash away small sediments and waste materials that are left inside.

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Posted on: December 23, 2014