How To Drain Washer When It’s Clogged

how to drain washerYour washing machine drain is also prone to clogging. Because of all the dirt, lint, mud and waste particles that pass through the pipe and accumulate over time, the drain gets all clogged up sooner or later. While this sounds like no big deal for some, you’ll realize in the end, that it is also annoying because you’ll never be able to use the washing machine unless the problem is fixed. Instead of going to the laundry shop to have your dirty clothes washed, why not try to unclog the drain instead? It’s pretty easy. Here’s a DIY guide you can follow.

1. Locate the drain pipe which is usually situated just at the back or under the appliance. When you find it, you’ll have to detach the hose or the pipe tubing that’s connected to it in order for you to access the main drain pipe.

2. When you already have access to the pipe, get the drain unclogger you use at home. Make sure that it doesn’t contain harsh chemicals to avoid damaging the pipes. Follow the instruction manual to make sure that you’ll use the right amount of cleaner. Once you’re one with it, test if the washing machine will drain smoothly.

3. Otherwise, it’s time to use your reliable plumbing snake. Get to the main drain pipe again and insert the end of the plumbing snake into it. Rotate the crank clockwise to push it further into the line. Once you feel some sort of resistance, keep on pushing the snake and turning the crank to break the clog into smaller pieces. When you no longer feel any resistance, slowly pull the snake out and dispose of any waste materials that got stuck in the auger.

4. If the snake fails on getting rid of the clog, you can attach a drill to it. Doing so will give it more power to break through the blockage. You can use the usual home drill that you have. Just attach the snake to it and insert the end of the snake into the pipe. Keep on moving it further inside and once it touches the clog, hold the drill with both hands and turn it on.

5. When you have successfully eliminated the blockage, you’ll have to flush the remaining particles with water. Pour a bucket of water into the pipe and then connect the pipe tubing of the washing machine back. Test the drain and make sure that it’s working now.

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Posted on: December 18, 2014