The Complete DIY Guide On How To Drain Washer

how to drain washerUsing a washing machine to do your laundry is way easier and better than doing it by hand. It is indeed a wonderful and indispensable appliance that every home should have. But just as much as we care for other appliances, fixture and furniture at home, we also have to properly use and maintain the washing machine. Otherwise, the dirt, lint, mud and other types of waste particles may clog its drain hose or the main drain pipe where it is hooked to. In case its main drain is clogged at the moment, here’s a DIY guide you can use as a reference to fix the problem.

1. Inspect your washing machine and look for its drain hose. It should be under or at the back of the appliance. Once you’ve found it, disconnect it from the main drain pipe where it is hooked to. Use a wrench to accomplish this task if the hose won’t get detached easily.

2. Once you can access the drain pipe, get your choice of drain cleaner or drain unclogger. Check its label and make sure that it doesn’t contain harsh ingredients that may damage the pipes in the long run. Read the instructions on the label and use the unclogger properly. When you’re done, check if the clog has been removed.

3. If the problem persists, make use of a plumbing snake. If you don’t own one, you can actually rent it from a plumbing supply shop.

4. Insert the wire of the plumbing snake into the main drain. Turn its crank on a clockwise direction to push it further down the pipe. When you feel some kind of resistance, just continue pushing the snake in and turning the crank clockwise. Doing so will break through the obstruction. When there’s no more resistance, carefully pull the plumbing snake out. Dispose the waste materials properly.

5. If the plumbing snake won’t break the clog into tinier pieces, you can give it more power by connecting it to a power drill. Drills usually have off hand attachments that will allow you to attach other tools to it. When you’ve connected the two, insert the end of the snake into the drain once gain. Push it further inside and then hold the power drill with both of your hands. Turn it on and start breaking through the clog.

6. Check the drain again and guarantee that the blockage has been eliminated. Flush the residues inside the pipe with a bucket of water.

7. When you’re done, reconnect the washing machine’s drain hose to the main drain pipe. Run the washing machine for a cycle and drain it. Make sure that there’s no leak coming from the pipe.

We hope that you learned how to drain washer from our blog today. If problems arise, just call a trusted Independence plumber to fix your plumbing appliances. Plumbers 911 Missouri provides reliable plumbing services in Independence MO including plumbing appliances installation, water heater repair, boiler repair, HVAC services, toilet repair and many more! Call us at 816-326-8643 to schedule a service!

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Posted on: April 15, 2015