How To Drain A Washing Machine That Won’t Drain

how-to-drain-a-washing-machineThe washing machine is an integral home appliance that homeowners cannot live without — unless they’re willing to go to the laundry shop everyday or wash their dirty clothes by hand. Washing machines are also durable and may serve you for years if proper care and maintenance are provided. Otherwise, you should anticipate the occurrence of motor issues and of course, clogs. If you ever discover that your washing machine won’t drain at all, here’s how the problem is fixed!

1. Disconnect the washing machine from the power outlet. Once done, prop it up and detach the two screws that secure the appliance’s front panel.

2. Afterward, carefully pull the lower edge of the front panel outward. Take time to unhook the top as well. If you have a Whirlpool washing machine, you might have to detach the whole shell in order to access the washer’s pump.

3. Locate the pump and inspect it for clogs. If a cloth or a piece of linen got tangled in it, you should see it right away. Most pumps are spring-loaded so they should come off like a breeze. Remove the drain hose and then detach the belt from the washer’s pulley which is found beside the pump. Pull out the clog or whatever obstructed the drain hose. If the cloth got tangled, twist the washing machine’s pulley to unwind it. Carefully pull it out.

4. If you don’t see any obstruction in the pump or in the washing machine’s drain hose, you can keep on troubleshooting to figure out what’s the problem. Insert your finger inside the pump and feel around. Is the impeller damaged? Is there a fin or two that’s broken? If there are, the pump should be replaced. Now test further and check if the pump is leaking or it is making noise when the appliance is set to drain. If it is, again, the pump must be replaced.

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Posted on: July 7, 2015