How To Clear Blocked Drains With Baking Soda

how-to-clear-blocked-drains-with-baking-sodaAt one point, you’ll discover that your sink drain is clogged. The thing is, you can never tell when such a problem will arise. You could be washing your dirty pots and pans. You could be cleaning some old rags on the sink. You could washing your fruits and vegetables. You could even be pestered by the clog just as you are cleaning up after dinner. Don’t worry. There’s a way to unclog your drain that won’t require professional plumbing tools and instead typical, easily procured cooking ingredients — baking soda and vinegar! Yes! The dynamic duo! Read on and learn how you can effectively get rid of minor clogs with the use of these two.

What You Need:


Baking Soda
Hot Water
Old Rag or Towel



1. Check your sink. If there’s standing water in the sink, scoop it out and dispose of it properly.

2. When you have removed all the water from the washbasin, remove the screw that secures the sink drain screen (if you have one).

3. Once the screen has been removed, get a cup of your favorite baking soda. Pour it into the drain and guarantee that some of the baking soda sticks to the walls of the drain pipe.

4. Afterward, pour a cup of white vinegar into the drain, too. Plug the drain hole with an old rag or an old towel to prevent the solution from coming back up.

5. Let the two ingredients combine chemically and fizz out the fat, grease and sticky substances that may have caused the clog. For best results, leave the sink alone overnight. To ensure that people won’t use it, place a note on the sink and turn off the water supply valve of the faucets.

6. The following day, remove the plug from the drain hole. Get a large pot and boil about 2 gallons of water in it.

7. Carefully pour the boiling water into the drain to wash away the residues from the baking soda and vinegar solution.

8. After a while, turn the faucet on and let water run through the drain pipe. Is the clog successfully eradicated? If yes, great! If no, you might need to use a plunger or a plumbing snake to remove the blockage.

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Posted on: August 26, 2015