How To Clean Shower Drain Effectively Without Chemical Drain Cleaners

how-to-clean-shower-drainHow often do you clean your shower drain? Weekly? Monthly? We hope you’re doing it as often as you can. You see, with regular cleaning, you’re actually doing yourselves a favor. You’re preventing the build-up of sticky substances in the pipe that may result to clogs in the end. As we have always mentioned, your shower drain is vulnerable to blockages because it is exposed to hair strands that fall off when people take a bath; shampoo scum and even soap scum. When these things accumulate inside the pipe, they’ll block the smooth flow of wastewater; cause flooding and even lead to other kinds of plumbing problems. If you want to know how to properly clean your shower drain, read on and get tips from us!

1. First of all, you must get rid of the shower drain cover to gain access into the pipe. Be careful when you remove it so that you won’t drop the screws into the pipe.

2. Afterward, wear your rubber gloves to protect your hands from bacteria. Clean the drain cover first ‘cause it surely must have some hair strands stuck to it.

3. Now get a wire coat hanger and turn it into an improvised hook. Have a plastic bag ready for the waste materials that you’ll hook out. Insert the wire hanger into the drain pipe and start twisting it around to hook hair and other particles. Put the substances that you’ll hook out into the plastic bag.

4. Afterward, get your baking soda and vinegar from your cupboard. You must have some stashed because these are common cooking and baking ingredients.

5. Pour 2 to 3 cups of baking soda into the drain. Pour about the same amount of white vinegar afterward then quickly plug the drain hole with an old cloth or a rag. Make sure that the material won’t accidentally fall into the pipe.

6. Let the two ingredients work their magic. Their reaction will create a fizzing effect that will loosen the sticky substances inside the pipe.

7. After 20 minutes, the noise or the fizzing sound may have already stopped. While waiting for this, boil a pot of water.

8. Remove the plug from the drain hole and carefully pour the pot of boiling hot water into the drain pipe. Be careful to avoid scalding your hands.

9. When you’re done washing away the ingredients with the boiling water, turn the faucet on and check if water will finally flow smoothly down the drain. If it won’t, repeat the process.

10. When the clog has been removed or if the flow of water is now smooth, re-install the drain cover.

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Posted on: July 30, 2015