A Quick DIY Guide On How To Clean A Drain

how to clean a drainCleaning the drains in your home is very beneficial to your plumbing system. Aside from keeping the flow of water smooth, regular cleaning and maintenance also prevent plumbing emergencies that can cause you a great deal of inconvenience. These issues may include occasional clogging, annoying backflows and also the presence of foul odor.  So to help you out in this task, we’ll give you a short yet very helpful DIY guide in cleaning your drains!

1. Get your white vinegar out of the cupboard and turn it into a homemade drain cleaner! Just pour a cup of this sour liquid ingredient down the drain and leave it alone for a full 30 minutes. When the time is up, rinse your washbasin with hot water. Doing so will remove any stain in the sink or its drain hole.

2. Now let’s get more intensive and boil about 3 cups of water. When it’s already hot, pour a cup of good old baking soda into your drain. Follow then with the hot water that you just boiled. Let the two ingredients produce a chemical reaction. After a few minutes, test your drain and guarantee that it’s draining just fine and that there are no clogs.

3. To keep your drain smelling fresh, simply take a lemon out of your refrigerator. You surely have one ready, right? Slice it in half and squeeze its juice out, right into the sink or drain hole. Let it sit for about an hour to freshen up your drainpipes. Now if you don’t have fresh lemons, you can substitute it with half a cup lemon juice concentrate that’s also available in groceries.

4. If you have a stainless steel sink, you have to also clean the entire unit. Getting rid of any grease or waste residue on your sink will also keep your drains clean and free from bacteria. Just pour some stainless steel cleanser on your sponge or a soft cloth and rub the sink. Make sure that your direction is parallel to the sink grains. You can also use a toothbrush to clean tight areas and your faucet too. Once done, rinse the sink well with water.

5. When cleaning your drains, you should also remember to give your garbage disposal some attention. If it smells pretty bad already, simply get some ice cubes from your freezer and throw them into the disposer. Only use a little water as you grind them. This will remove any waste that has accumulated in the system, especially on the blades.

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Posted on: July 8, 2014