A Brief Guide On How Shower Plumbing Works

how shower plumbing worksThere are still countries in the world that make use of buckets and dippers for bathing. However, in the United States, the shower is what we have been accustomed to for ages. Indeed, there is no home that’s without a shower in the US. It has been, all through these years, a reliable fixture that gives us quick, enjoyable and relaxing baths after a hard day’s work or an exhausting workout in the gym. Now if you are a homeowner, keeping your plumbing system in good condition is your responsibility. While you can always hire the services of reliable plumbers like us, it is still advantageous to know how your fixtures work so that you can perform quick fixes when plumbing emergencies arise. With this being said, let us find out how shower plumbing works.

How Shower Plumbing Works

The principle behind the shower plumbing is pretty easy to understand. It has a knob that you need to turn in order to make water flow out of the fixture. When the knob is turned, water from your main supply line is transported through the pipes. If you are demanding for hot water, the cold water will be heated by your water heating system first. From there, the hot water will pass through the pipes and flow into the shower’s plumbing. The shower head is where the water will flow out like rain to give you a refreshing bath.

If You Want A Faucet Installed Together With The Shower

Most of us have shower systems that are connected to tubs. And since we have tubs, we also have faucets installed for the fixture. To make this type of connection work, a diverter is installed. It’s the one responsible for directing the water to the right fixture — whether to the faucet or to the shower.

Where The Soiled Water Goes

Soiled water must be disposed of properly and thus, one should be installed in your shower area. That drain is supposed to take the dirty water from the bathroom to the public sewer where your home is connected to or to your very own septic tank.

Plumbing Problems That You Should Watch Out For

Shower systems are also prone to several plumbing issues. To make sure that it stays in great condition, proper use, as well as regular care and maintenance should be done. Some of the problems that you should watch out for include:

1. low water flow

2. no water flow

3. leaking shower head

4. noisy shower

5. rusty water

6.  smelly water

7. water temperature issues

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Posted on: June 10, 2015