How Much Does A Water Heater Cost To Replace?

how much does a water heater cost to replaceWater heaters are durable appliances that can last for 15 to 20 years. Some homeowners have even reported that theirs lasted longer. But just like any other machine or appliance, your heating system will age, deteriorate, get damaged and finally say goodbye. Though you can’t exactly tell when it’s time to dispose your heating unit, you’ll discover it on your own through signs and symptoms. For instance, a water heater that already requires replacement will show issues that arise frequently. In this case, you’ll need to invest money on a new heating unit instead of waste your cash on constant and recurring repairs. Here are a few factors that will influence your expenses:

The Water Heater Cost


Water heaters come in different types and capacity. They also have features that vary from one model to another. These differences also entail various price tags. Of course you’re aware that tankless heaters are more expensive than the traditional tank-type units. Also note that the more features the appliance has, the higher its cost would be. According to reports, the average cost of mid-grade heating units range from $530 to $600.

Labor Fees


Now the replacement also requires manpower. Some of you might do the installation on your own but as experts recommend, we also advice that you let professionals take care of this task for you. Not only are they skilled and licensed but they are also aware of local plumbing and building codes that you should abide by. Anyway, plumbers charge either by the hour or by project. Hourly project rates are influenced by the complexity of the task and the number of hours spent for completion. Reports suggest that the average number of hours exhausted on water heater replacement is 5 hours. This amount of time already includes the planning, supplies acquisition, preparation, setup and cleanup. To get an idea or a ballpark figure, just ask quotations from your trusted plumbing experts

Materials and Supplies


Never forget about the supplies that will be used on the installation. Surely, connectors, mounting paraphernalia, fittings and other hardware are required. On average, these things cost around $40 to $50.

Disposal Of The Old Unit


Indeed, the old water heater needs to go some place. You can’t just leave it in your yard or keep it in your garage. You also cannot just put it beside your garbage can and wait for the collector to pick it up. It must be hauled and disposed of properly. Disposal costs around $20 to $25.

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Posted on: February 26, 2015