The Homeowner’s House Inspection Checklist For Plumbing

house-inspection-checklistWhile it is great to attend to plumbing issues immediately, it is even more advantageous to regularly maintain and inspect your plumbing system. If you’re aware of the condition of your pipes, fixtures and appliances, you’ll be able to prevent emergencies. And while your plumber can inspect your home annually and make sure that everything’s at tip-top shape, there are of course some things that you can do on your own. Here’s a list for your reference!

1. Check your fittings and pipes for signs of corrosion. If you find green stains on metal pipes, specifically on their fittings, you may have mismatched types of metals. And if you do, electrolysis will happen and cause leaks.

2. Speaking of leaks, you should watch out for signs of water seeping from your exposed pipes. Also check walls, ceilings and foundations for stains. When you see them, call your plumber to inspect the area and repair the leak if there’s any.

3. Now also be watchful about low water pressure. If your faucet lets only a little water out or if your toilet has a weak flush, these are signs that there could be a problem with one of the fixtures’ components.

4. Inspect your toilet tank, too. If there are worn out or missing parts, replace or repair them immediately. If you suspect a leak between the tank and the bowl, do a testing. Pour a few drops of coloring into the tank. If the water in the bowl turns the same color, there’s indeed a leak.

5. Aside from toilet leaks, you must also check it for cracks. Inspect your sink and tubs, too. Hairline cracks are easy to repair so you should do so immediately.

6.  If your toilet wobbles or rocks, its toilet flange may already be worn out. Replace it right away to avoid accidents.

7. Turn your faucet handles and shower knobs. If they’re hard to turn, you must check them for worn out parts, specifically the screws around the escutcheon plates. Replace them if necessary.

8. If your drains at home are pretty slow, they may be clogged or the vent pipe must be blocked up. The usual symptoms that you have to be aware of include bubbling or gurgling drains.

9. If your shower gives very little water, remove the aerator and inspect it for sediments. You can soak it in a solution of vinegar and water to get rid of the debris.

10. Inspect your washing machine’s drain hose, too. If it’s already damaged or brittle, replace it.

11. You surely have a water heater at home. If yours has a tank, guarantee that you’ll drain it regularly. Doing so will eradicate all the minerals and sediments that have accumulated in the tank.

12. If your water heater is fueled by gas, check its burner chamber. Look out for rust flakes and inspect the flame. The color of the flame shouldn’t be yellow. It should be blue.

13. Vents are part of your home, too. Make sure that dry vents are clean; that vent fans do not have dust and that the vent hose is not clogged up.

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Posted on: June 24, 2015