Hot Water Heater Repair Tips For The Homeowner

hot water heater repairWater heaters are not cheap at all. They cost money and yet we still invest in them because they are valuable appliances that make our daily lives a lot more convenient. And because they are expensive, it is only wise that home and business owners take care of their heating systems properly. Without proper care and maintenance, you can expect your appliance to malfunction or get totally damaged sooner or later. If you are experiencing issues with your unit right now, here are some valuable tips you can follow!

I. Inadequate Hot Water Supply


When there’s an inadequate supply of hot water in your house, you should first discern if your needs have increased. If your family has grown or if your hot water usage increased, you might need to upgrade to a hot water heater with a higher capacity. Chances are, the tank-type unit you have is no longer enough to sustain your needs.

II. No Hot Water At All


If you’re not getting hot water from your fixtures at all, the first thing that you have to do is check the unit’s gas pilot control valve, gas pilot, gas thermocouple (for gas water heaters). If the valve is damaged, it should be replaced immediately. The gas should also be inspected. If it’s not in tip-top shape, it should be repaired or replaced. There are also times that the gas thermocouple malfunctions. If yours is not working, it must be tightened, repositioned or totally replaced. For electric water heaters, you must ensure that it’s hooked up to a working power source. If it is, make sure that it is turned on, too.

III. Water Not Hot Enough


If the water isn’t hot enough, you might want to check on the heater’s thermostat. Make sure that it’s set to the right temp level, which is 125 degrees Fahrenheit. Keep the tank and the plumbing supply pipes insulated, too. Lastly, flush the water heater tank at least once a year to get rid of sediments that build up at the bottom and affect the efficiency of the unit.

IV. Water Too Hot


If, on the other hand, the water is too hot, you have to turn down the unit’s thermostat. Wait for a couple of minutes to let the system cool down then verify if the problem has been resolved. Another cause of this issue is the extreme buildup of steam inside the tank. To fix the problem, you have to inspect the T&P valve. Lift the lever and let go of it. Doing so will allow the lever to snap back into place and water or pressure will be released. If that doesn’t work, you have to ask a technician to replace the valve for you.

V. Rusty Water


If you have a tank-type water heater, there’s supposed to be an anode rod hanging at the top of the tank. If most of the rod is already eaten away by rust, you have to replace it immediately. Otherwise, you just might risk your tank getting corroded in the end, too.

VI. Water Smells Like Rotten Eggs


If the hot water that comes out of your fixtures smell like rotten eggs, the issue signifies the presence of bacteria in the tank. Flush the tank and sanitize it with the use of a peroxide solution.

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Posted on: April 30, 2015