Hot Water Heater Repair: Troubleshooting Your Heating Appliance

hot water heater repairYour hot water heater is a durable plumbing appliance that will last for 10 years or maybe even more when taken care of properly. However, you should not disregard the fact that just like other appliances, it will also sooner or later malfunction or get damaged. To help you troubleshoot your hot water heater when problems arise, check out these tips!

1. Inadequate Supply Of Hot Water


When you’re not getting enough hot water from your faucets and showers, it’s possible that the heating unit’s capacity no longer suits your household’s demands. The unit’s dip tube may also be damaged or broken. You might have power supply or gas supply problems or the plumbing installation in your home is already faulty. To fix this issue, you can upgrade your water heater; replace the dip tube; have your fuel source checked and repair or fix the plumbing lines in case there are cross connections.

2. No Hot Water Is Produced At All


When no hot water comes out of your plumbing fixtures, it’s possible that the gas thermocouple, gas pilot or the gas pilot control valve are damaged. To get through this, a plumbing professional should inspect the gas pilot flame and make sure that the gas pilot is still working properly. If the control valve is damaged, it should be replaced. If, on the other hand, the gas thermocouple is faulty, it should be tightened or replaced.

3. Foul-Smelling Water


If you’re getting water that smells like rotten eggs, there bacteria may be present in your water heater tank. Therefore, the tank must be flushed and sanitized using a hydrogen peroxide solution. In some cases, the zinc-alloy anode rod is replaced or the water heater is upgraded to a unit with a plastic lining.

4. Rusty Water


There are times when you’ll get yellowish water from your taps and showers. It’s because the sacrificial anode rod or the very tank is already corroded. The anode rod must be replaced to fix this problem.

5. Leaking Water Heater


A leaking water heater is a common occurrence especially if the appliance is already old. This issue may be caused by a damaged T&P valve; a leaking overhead or supply line; excessive pressure or overheating or a leak in the tank. In such cases, the T&P valve should be cleaned and rid of sediments. If the problem persists, it should be replaced. The thermostat is also set to a lower setting and the tank is flushed to get rid of sediments that have accumulated at its bottom, too.

6. Noisy Tank


If your water heater tank is making rumbling noises, you should not panic. That sound is produced by the boiling water inside the tank and signals the accumulation of debris in the container. Simply flush the tank and it should be fine afterwards.

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Posted on: March 31, 2015