A Guide On Hot Water Heater Installation

hot water heater installationYou have to be well-informed and ready if you’re aiming for a new hot water heater installation for your home. Aside from the budget, there are a lot of things that you have to mull over. So to guide you in this process and give you some ideas on what the project really entails, read on and learn some valuable information!


Selecting the type of water heater you’ll buy is fairly easy. First of all, how would you like to power it up? Will you choose gas or electric? If you own an old water heater, go for the same fuel type. If this is your first time to have one installed, you should consider your budget for the operation. Gas is supposedly cheaper than electricity. Another factor to think about is whether you’ll go for a tank-type or a tankless one. Tankless heaters take less space and only produce hot water on demand. As experts say, this kind of heating equipment produces less energy loss. But if you’ll choose this kind, would you have the budget for the upfront cost? Last but not the least, what’s your household demand for hot water? Will a small tank suffice for your family? Should you go for a bigger one?

Plumbing Check

If you previously had a water heater at home, your plumbing may have been appropriately set up. But just to make sure everything’s fine and in place, you can have it checked by a reputed plumbing expert. This way, the lines will all be ready when the new water heater arrives.


A tank-type water heater isn’t really light. A single person won’t be able to carry it from the delivery truck to its set-up location on his own. So make sure that if you’ll do the installation yourself, you have some people who can assist you. It will also be wise to have an appliance dolly around to avoid hurting your back or prevent accidents that result from carrying the system.


1. Turn off the utilities to your old water heater. This means that you have to shut off the water supply as well as gas and electricity.

2. Drain your old heating system. Flush the tank to get rid of the water.

3. Disconnect all the utility lines.

4. Remove the old water heater and clean up the area. Put the new system in place and level it until it’s standing straight (for tank-type heaters).

5. Install the new fittings.

6. Connect the utility lines beginning with the water supply first. Connect the fuel source afterwards.

7. If you’ve chosen a gas water heater, attach the exhaust flue.

8. Turn on the system and test it.

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Torn between a tank-type and tankless hot water heater? Watch this video to learn more about them!

Posted on: March 27, 2014