Home Remedy For Clogged Toilet

home remedy for clogged toiletA clogged toilet is a plumbing emergency that should be dealt with immediately. Otherwise, you and your loved ones will surely experience a lot of inconvenience. What will you do if you only have a single toilet at home? That’s really going to be a disaster. If you suddenly experience this problem with your toilet, here are some remedies you can try.

1. Dishwashing Liquid & Hot Water

Pour two cups of dishwashing liquid into the bowl. Afterwards, pour a pot of hot water. It doesn’t need to be boiling hot but just make sure that you’ll pour it from waist-level up. Doing so will add pressure to the water. Leave the toilet with the dishwashing liquid and hot water for about 30 minutes then flush to test if the clog has been removed.

2. Baking Soda & Vinegar

Just like sink drains or floor drains, a clogged toilet can be fixed by baking soda and vinegar — that is, if the blockage isn’t that severe. Simply pour a cup of your favorite baking soda. Afterwards, pour a cup of white vinegar. Leave it for a few minutes then add a kettle of boiling hot water into the bowl.

3. The Toilet Bomb

Toilet bombs are a combination of Epsom salt, liquid dish detergent and baking soda. Simply combine two cups of your preferred baking soda, a quarter cup of Epsom salt and also about 9 tablespoons of liquid dish detergent. Combine all the ingredients thoroughly then press them into muffin molders lined with paper parchment or muffin cups. Let the mixture dry overnight. To use these toilet bombs, you just have to drop one into the clogged toilet and make sure that you’ll pour about 4 cups of water. Let the toilet sit for about four hours before flushing.

These are just some of the home remedies for clogged toilets that you can make at home. If these don’t work, go for your reliable plunger, plumbing snake or wire coat hanger. These are among the most efficient plumbing tools that you can use to unclog drains.

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Learn how to clear a clogged toilet! Watch this video we found on YouTube!

Posted on: December 30, 2014