How To Get Rid Of Hairline Crack In Toilet Tank

hairline crack in toilet tankA cracked toilet tank may not be considered a plumbing emergency but it still needs to be attended to immediately. If not repaired right away, the cracks may get bigger and once they do, the tank may totally break. You surely do not want to spend money on a new fixture, do you? What you have to do first is inspect the cracks on your toilet tank. Where are they located? Are they found inside the tank or outside? How long do they measure? If they are found inside the tank and measure 16th of an inch long, there’s a different way to handle the problem. But, if they’re found outside the tank and as thin as hair strands, you can follow this do-it-yourself guide.

1. Shut off the water supply valve connected to the toilet. That’s supposedly found at the side or under the fixture.

2. When the valve has been turned off, flush the tank to get rid of the water. Use a plastic cup to scoop out any remaining water in the tank. If the water level has turned very low, you can use a sponge to absorb it.

3. When the tank has been emptied of water, detach its supply line with the use of a wrench. This way, the tank will no longer get filled with water while you’re working.

4. When the tank is completely dry, you can finally work on it. Inspect the cracks and make sure that they’re not showing right through the tank interior.

5. Get your repair kit and cut the tip of the epoxy tube. Only create an opening that measures about a third of an inch long. This way, you can control how much epoxy will flow out of the tube.

6. Get your caulking gun and apply epoxy on the cracks. Begin the application an inch before each of the crack and end it an inch after.

7. With the use of a putty knife, spread the material on the affected area. Don’t put too much pressure on the tank’s surface because you just might end up worsening the cracks. When you’re done with the application, leave the toilet tank unused for at least 24 hours. This way, you’ll let the epoxy dry before using the toilet again.

8. The following day, carefully reconnect the water supply line to the tank. Turn the supply valve on and let the water fill up the tank. Flush the toilet to ensure that there are no leaks coming from the tank.

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Posted on: June 10, 2015