Solutions to a Groves Water Heater Leaking Problem

Groves water heater leaking problemHomeowners find a water heater leaking problem as a minor disturbance at first, until it grows into a major catastrophe. Take note, even a minor leak can cause damage to parts of the home. It is also worth noting that a leaking water heater can also cause dampness in areas that have little to no access to sunlight such as basis. Therefore, molds get to grow and this can cause sickness to the entire family. So, when you got a Groves water heater leaking problem, you just have to act fast and resolve it! How? Read on and find out.

Steps To Fix Your Groves Water Heater Leaking Problem

  1. Determine the exact source of the leak. Is it really your water heater? Just because water collects near the hot water heater means it is the one leaking. Sometimes, it is caused by condensation or moisture that drips to the floor. Make sure that you check if it is just moisture or actual leakage. If there’s no moisture in the tank, inspect the pipes and plumbing fixtures and find out if either of these is leaking. When you’re done with your inspection and you still can’t be sure whether it’s the water heater leaking, you can wipe the tank and pipes first, leave it, and come back to check after a few hours. Should there be no leakage, then it could just be moisture. But if a puddle develops, then there is really a leakage problem.
  2. Electric-powered water heaters should be cut off from the power supply. Avoid accidental electrocution by switching off the circuit breaker associated with it. For gas-powered heaters, make sure that the dial is set to “off.”
  3. Turn off the supply of cold water. Be careful of the water leaking from your tank because it could be too hot to cause serious burns. The shut-off valve of the pipe supplying cold water is usually on top of the hot water tank. Depending on the unit, it could be a handle that you will pull down or a dial that needs to be turned. Take note that you should not be in contact with the water for the danger of electrocution. Shut off the main valve of your house if this cannot be avoided.
  4. Now that you have found the exact source of the leak, it’s time to contact a licensed Groves plumber to give a proper diagnosis and to fix the problem. Do not try to repair the hot water heater yourself if you are not familiar with electrical parts.

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Posted on: October 14, 2017