The Importance of Installing Grease Traps in Bal Harbour Restaurants

interceptor grease traps in Bal HarbourExperienced cooks will tell you that pouring grease down a kitchen sink’s drain is a no-no. When grease solidifies, it tends to block drains and cause major clogs that could cause plumbing expenses. Whether in a home kitchen or a big restaurant kitchen, the problem of discarding grease stays the same. Bal Harbour homeowners become concerned with grease build-ups that they have grease traps installed in their kitchen sinks. It becomes even more important to install grease traps in Bal Harbour restaurants especially when state laws begin to regulate grease discharge. In fact, Miami-Dade County has an existing Fats, Oils, and Grease (FOG) Control Program that regulates grease discharge of food service establishments.

Why Install Grease Traps in Bal Harbour Restaurants

The city government regulates grease discharge of restaurants or cafeterias obviously because of the amount of grease and fat they produce daily. A large amount of grease discharged in the drains will already cause problems for the city’s main sewer lines. This is precisely why grease traps were invented and engineered. These nifty devices do not only trap grease but also make it available for recycling. Large regions such as Miami-Dade County have discovered that almost half of the city’s sewer problems are caused by blockages of solid grease.

What Kind of Grease Trap to Use

Commercial kitchens in restaurants and cafeterias differ in size and foods that are normally prepared. Therefore, the requirements for grease trap interceptors will also differ. There are different designs of grease traps and interceptors that food service establishments can choose from.

There are automatic grease traps that are designed to automatically remove grease from dishwasher waste water. Dishwashing also accounts for the high amounts of grease generated by restaurants and cafeterias. Automatic grease traps capture grease and save it beside the dishwasher or drain. The downside of this though is that it needs to be emptied on a daily basis. Restaurant staff should be trained to do this.

Automatic grease traps can also be used by food establishments that bake or roast meats like chicken and pork. The device can collect grease drippings and save it for recycling.

Meanwhile, a compact grease trap would be perfect for restaurants and cafeterias that have a small kitchen space. It can still store up to 200 gallons of grease despite its size.

An effective grease trap device will be able to capture at least 98% of grease floating in the water. Just imagine the amount of grease that is supposed to go down the city sewers! When collected properly in a tank, this grease can be recycled and reused.

Hire a Pro to Install  and Maintain a Grease Trap in Your Bal Harbour Restaurant

As mentioned, there are grease trap models that cannot be accessed by kitchen staff. A licensed Bal Harbour plumber should take over for tasks such as this. Moreover, large quantities of grease for disposal should only be handled by the pros. Certified plumbers would be able to dispose of grease according to the city’s codes.

Should you need a professional Bal Harbour plumber to install a maintain a grease trap in your establishment, all you need to do is call (305) 699-3368 to schedule a visit.


Posted on: August 11, 2017