How Natural Gas Submeter Service Can Help You Save Money

gas sub meter in apartment complexNatural gas is a utility that is much needed in every home. It is used not only for cooking appliances but for the home’s heating system as well. However, as with any heat energy source, gas bills tend to increase come winter time. Normally, residents are billed according to the portion of natural gas they consume. But what happens in multi-tenant residences? How can you make sure that you’re being billed correctly? Gas submeter service is the answer.

Why Natural Gas Submeters are Important

gas meterHaving a natural gas submeter installed is the fairest method of billing tenants in apartments, office buildings, or any multi-tenant complex. As a tenant, you will only be billed exactly what you used. If you’re using your heating system wisely, you will get to save a lot on your gas utility bill.

Ask your property owner to contact a licensed Boston plumber for gas submeter service. If will not only be for your own good but for his business as well. This is because the gas rate becomes relatively lower for master-metered properties which will now be charged at a commercial rate.

Lastly, gas submeter installation support energy conservation. By being conscious of your personal natural gas use, you can take further measures in conserving heat energy.

Natural Gas Conservation Tips

You will be more encouraged to be more conscious of your natural gas consumption once gas submeter service is done on your property.

Heating and Furnace

Have a licensed Boston inspect your furnace for leaky duct-work. Once confirmed, it should be sealed immediately. While you’re at it, have your filters cleaned as well.

Water Heating Systems

Above everything else, the most important thing that you can do to conserve water heat energy is to have your water heater regularly serviced by a certified plumber. Your licensed Boston plumber will the things that should be done such as insulating the water pipes and fixing leaking faucets.

Things That You Can Do On Your Own

Invest in window insulation kits to help keep your home warm during the cold months. Also, opt for thicker blinds or thicker curtains to help lessen heat loss.


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Posted on: September 13, 2017