Do-It-Yourself Garbage Disposal Replacement Guide

garbage-disposal-replacementAt one point, you’ll experience issues with your garbage disposal machine. Among the most common problems that homeowners encounter include clogging, jamming and even power failures. While these issues can be fixed, you should also accept the fact that garbage disposals are only machines and not immune to total malfunction. When that day comes that your appliance completely fails to operate, a replacement is the best option. Here’s a DIY guide that details how this is done.

1. First of all, you have to detach the drain pipe arm from the garbage disposal unit. Use a pair of pliers for this task. Start by loosening the spring clamp that secures the dishwasher drain tube. When you’re done with that, remove the dishwasher drain pipe from the garbage disposal unit.

2. Afterward, carefully remove the garbage disposer. Twist it off its mounting nut to loosen the connection. If there’s remaining water or debris inside the unit, you have to dump it. Turn the garbage disposal upside-down and then remove the plate that covers the electrical wiring. Get a screwdriver and remove the screw as well as the wire nuts. Once done, slowly and carefully pull the cable out. There will also be instances when the strain relief sleeve should be loosened up to accomplish this task.

3. Detach the mounting assembly as well as the drain. Remove the mounting ring’s screw and then push the flange up through the sink’s drain hole. If you see any leftover putty, scrape it off. Remember, if you are installing the same model and brand, there will be no need to change your mounting hardware.

4. Now get a rubber seal and place it under the drain flange. If your new garbage disposal doesn’t come with a rubber seal, you’ll have to use plumber’s putty instead. Push onto the drain flange to slide it inside the drain hole.

5. Get another rubber seal and this time, position it under the sink. Connect the metal backup ring to it, with its flat side facing up. Your garbage disposal machine may have metal or plastic mounting hardware. Ensure that you’ll read the manual for correct installation.

6. Afterward, install the mounting rich with its screws. Push it upward and secure it. Make sure that it’s tight and evenly installed.

7. Now prep the new garbage disposal machine. If you’ll connect it to a dishwasher drain, you have to use a screwdriver and hammer to remove the knock-out plug.

8. Turn the machine upside-down and shake it to get rid of any small debris or object inside. Detach its electrical plate and pull the wires.

9. Secure the strain relief sleeve and then push the wiring or cable through it and into the garbage disposal. Secure the sleeve tightly.

10. If you are skilled with electrical connections, connect the wires. Remember, it is safer to ask professional plumbers or electricians to install this machine. Proceed if you are knowledgeable.

11. Splice the cables according to their color. White should be spliced to white and black should be spliced to black. Secure them with the nuts.

12. Connect the ground wire to the screw on your garbage disposal which is usually colored green. Put the electrical plate back in place.

13. Twist your appliance onto tits mounting nut. Rotate the disposer to align it properly then connect the drain pipe arm and dishwasher drain pipe together. Turn the faucet on and let water run into the new garbage disposal. Check for leaks. If you don’t spot any, turn the machine on.

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Posted on: August 5, 2015