Tips On DIY Garbage Disposal Repair

garbage-disposal-repairThe garbage disposal is truly an appliance that adds convenience in our lives. Because of this machine, cleaning up after meals and food preparation are turned into hassle-free tasks. Just remember though that the garbage disposer also requires proper use and care. If you neglect, abuse or fail to maintain it, problems will arise. Here are some of the most common issues you’ll encounter when it comes to your garbage disposal system and a number of valuable tips to help you get through them.

1. Garbage Disposal Won’t Grind Anything

If you ever discover that your garbage disposal machine won’t grind anything at all even if the motor is running, you can try to reset the machine first. If you’ll check the bottom of the disposer, there’s supposed to be a button there that you can push to reset it. If you’ve already done that and nothing happens, call a technician. Chances are, the blades are already defective.

2. Garbage Disposal Grinds Poorly

There may also come a time when the garbage disposal machine grinds poorly. This is caused by an inadequate flow of water into the system. Make sure that your faucet is supplying enough water to the machine to guarantee its efficient operation.

3. Garbage Disposal Leaks

Leaks are inevitable not only in pipes and fixtures but also in plumbing appliances. Check the components of your garbage disposal machine and make sure that they’re securely connected. Also check your drain pipe and disposer for clogs. Locate the source of the leak and see if you can tighten it. Most often than not, the leak comes from the connection between the machine and the drain pipe. It may also come from the area where the machine is hooked to the sink. Make sure that the sink basket isn’t damaged or worn out. If it is, a replacement of the sink basket or the re-application of putty will do the trick.

4. Garbage Disposal Clogs

Clogging is another common problem that involves garbage disposals. Clogs usually happen in the drain pipe because that’s where the sticky substances and grease linger.  To fix this problem, you can try to plunge the sink; remove the clog with baking soda and vinegar or simply snake it.

5. Garbage Disposal Jams

There are times when the waste substances get stuck inside the garbage disposal and eventually jam it up. You’ll know that the machine is jammed up if you hear some sort of humming sound coming from the motor. For this issue, simply turn the machine or circuit breaker off. Make sure that there’s no power being supplied to the garbage disposal. Afterward, hook the waste out with a pair of tweezers. You may also use the hex wrench and rock the blades of the machine back and forth until the stuck object is freed.

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Posted on: September 30, 2015