What to Do Before Hiring a Professional Frozen Pipe Repair in Boston

Frozen Pipe Repair in BostonHaving frozen pipes in your home is not only an inconvenience; it can also lead to extensive and expensive damage and may even pose danger to anyone in your home if not dealt with properly. If you think you have pipe that might be frozen, you need do something quickly to avoid further damage and additional cost.

Luckily, frozen pipes and the damage it can cause can be prevented with simple precautions.  However, if proper preventive measures have been done and yet somehow problem still occurs, here are things to do before seeking professional help.

What to do before calling a local plumber

  1. Know the signs. It is quite easy to identify whether you have a frozen pipe in your Boston Home. First, check to see if your water is turned on from the main and make sure that you don’t have leak in the pipes anywhere. If no water comes out of the faucet when you try turning it on, you might have a problem with your pipe.
  2. Locate the culprit. To find which pipes are frozen in your home, turn on all the faucets and identify which ones are not working. Inspect the pipes connected to the faucet that’s not working. You can easily spot a frozen pipe as it may have a visible layer of condensation or a white frozen area on it.
  3. Learn how to DIY. This is the cheapest way to deal with frozen pipes, but it’s not the easiest, nor the most effective. If your pipes are frozen and you are sure that no other damage is present, you can try to thaw the pipes yourself. Just be sure to do this the right way or you could only make the situation worse.

To unfreeze frozen pipes, follow these steps:

  • Using an electric heating pad, a hairdryer or towel soaked in hot water, start applying heat to the frozen pipes. Leave your faucet open to allow thawed water to drain out.
  • Don’t use any device with an open flame such as a blowtorch or propane heater as this can cause the pipes to explode or create poisonous carbon monoxide.
  • Continue applying heat to the frozen section until normal water flow returns. Check all other faucets to make sure your water is flowing properly.
  1. It is important to know when it’s possible to DIY, but it is equally vital to know when it is time to call for frozen pipe repair specialist in Boston. While it may be possible to learn how to fix frozen pipes by yourself, it is always better to let the experts do the work than face the consequences later on. Licensed contractors are more equipped with the right tools, the hands-on experience and the proper knowledge to solve pipe issues and other plumbing problem in your home.

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Posted on: January 20, 2017