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Faucet Repair

Get Quick Faucet Repair by a Reliable South Florida Plumber

If you notice a leak in your faucet, it may be an easy problem to correct. However, the complexity increases in leaps and bounds when you encounter a problem in bathroom and kitchen faucets.

Quick Faucet Repair | 24/7 South FL Plumbing CompanyThe issues generally encountered with your kitchen and bathroom faucets are way more challenging than the simpler issues that you may face in your home’s plumbing system. The most common signs of damaged faucets can range from screeching noises to squeaking and clanking. You may also encounter consistency or spraying problems.

However, a little knowledge about the basics of faucets fitted in your home can help you address such problems without much hassle. Mentioned below are the most common problems that you may encounter in your bathroom and kitchen faucets.

These points also explain the simplest ways to fix cranky faucets all by yourself without seeking any professional help. Here are the things that you should know about fixing problematic faucets:

#1: Overall Lifespan of your faucet

The modern faucets fitted in your kitchen are engineered in a way that can easily help them last for at least a decade. In some cases, these faucets can even last over a decade depending on their style, material, and depending on how hard the water is. All of these factors play a significant role in determining the lifespan of your faucet.

A majority of people replace their faucet only to upgrade the design and give their kitchens and bathrooms a makeover. However, there are more practical reasons that may lead you to take the decision of changing the faucet. Here the are:

  • When the handle of the faucet gets discolored and cracked and when its finish is worn away.
  • The threads of the spout or aerator get worn out or corroded, making the replacement of aerator a difficult task.
  • The internal parts of the faucet are so damaged and worn out that replacement of screws, O rings, clips, replacement washers, and valve assembly will no longer solve the problem.

If you encounter any of the aforementioned situations then it is time to replace your faucet.

#2: If your faucet starts making noise

Faucet Repairs | 24/7 South FL Plumbers

The next time you go to take a glass of water, notice whether or not your faucet is making any screeching noises. If you have to deal with a screeching noise every time you go for a glass of water, the problem lies in the rubber washer.

Over the time rubber washers age and harden, and often makes sounds when water passes over them at a speed.  Therefore, if your faucet is producing noises you should immediately check the rubber washer, since replacing this part is sure to solve your problem.

Inexpensive washer kits are easily purchased at a hardware, allowing you to replace the washer the faucet’s washer with ease. Or you can replace the entire faucet if you feel it’s time for a change.

#3: If your faucet makes a clanking sound causing you to worry

Any mechanical sound such as a clanking or clinking, signals that there is a problem with your faucet and needs to be investigated and corrected. There is a possibility that these noises are originating in the pipes, so watch and listen closely to where the noises is coming from.

If the sound is coming from the faucet, dismantle and re-assemble will looking for cracks in any of the parts or fittings to make sure that you have a properly assembled and tightened faucet.

#4: The Kitchen Sink Sprayer is only dribbling while earlier it used to spray

Low flow noticed in kitchen sink sprayer is often related to the diverter, which is a small valve placed at the stem of the faucet. In case of this problem you will need to take apart the handle assembly.

Then, using a screwdriver pop out the diverter and soak it in a bath of equal part of vinegar and boiling water. Replace the diverter where it should be located inside the faucet and reassemble the faucet. This method should help you fix the faucet stream, restoring a powerful spray.

#5: Spouting Problems

Your tub’s spout can plague you with its own set of troubles. If the diverter wears out, your shower head may stop working. The threads within the spout can also become corroded and cracked with time at the place where the spout is connected to the pipe.  This leads to a leak along your pipe, causing water damage inside your wall.

An old spout’s finish may also flake and corrode with time leading to an ugly sight. Taking apart the spout is tricky work and time consuming if you are doing it for the first time. Let us give you hand!

#6: Recurring sound of water dripping from the faucet

The recurring noise of the water dripping from your bathroom or kitchen faucet can deprive you of your sleep and sanity. The best way, though temporary, way to fix it this is by tying a long string along the end of the problematic faucet so that when the water drips it runs down through the string silently.

This is a temporary solution. Our professional plumbers can stop the leak permanently and save you money on your water bill.

#7: Water starts to drain from your bathtub as soon as you have filled it or a full bathtub causes a massive leak.

To ensure that the water stays intact in your bathtub, the lever action stopper must provide a watertight seal against the drain. However, there are times when the stopper is worn out.

Faucet Repairs | 24/7 South Florida PlumberOther times, an overfilled bathtub can trigger a big leak if the gasket inside the overflow drain opening has cracked and failed.

These common problems are easy to fix with the proper plumbing knowledge, experience, tools, and time. Our professional contractors have had over 10,000 hours of training and are licensed to solve all your plumbing problems.

We are available for all emergency calls 24/7, 365 days a year. Allow us to solve your faucet issues and leaks to save yourself from all the hassle of expensive water damage repair.