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Backflow Prevention

Your South FL Plumber Can Help Prevent BackFlow And Protect You From Cross Contamination

Plumbers 911 Keeps Your Family Safe by Preventing Water Contamination

Backflow Prevention | South FL PlumbersYour South Florida Plumber will gladly inspect your home’s or businesses water situation and help prevent financial loses with the proper installation of a back-flow prevention device. All cities have laws in place to prevent potentially contaminated water from backing up into drinking water. Any code violations in this area can face pricey penalty fees. Plumbers 911 can help you avoid these penalties by ensuring your business is in compliance with the current codes.

If you have noticed dirty water or an odor coming in with your drinking water you may be experiencing back flow. This is a dangerous situation because it poses a serious health hazard. Instead of flowing in the direction intended, back flow causes the water to reverse its direction. Rather than clean water coming in and dirty water draining out, the process is reversed and dirty water flows through the tap instead.

By installing a back flow prevention device into your plumbing system you can avoid this unpleasant drama from unfolding. With our assistance, you can quickly remedy the situation and prevent it from occurring again.  Do not hesitate to give as a call right away. This plumbing situation is an emergency and needs to be addressed as quickly as possible. You do not want your family, children, or business patrons to be exposed to unknown contaminants back-flow may have brought it.

What is Back-flow?

Back-flow occurs when the flow of water is reversed, and contaminated water enters the distribution pipes for potable (drinking) water. This can occur at a cross- connection within your plumbing system and is generally caused by a drop in pressure. Back flow occurs in one of two ways. Back-pressure is when there is not enough pressure to push water where it is intended to go, and back-siphonage occurs when the pressure from the supply point is lower than the destination point.

A cross-connection  back-flow can occur in many instances. For example if you have the end of your hose for the garden that is connected to your home and the other end  you have placed in a container of insecticide to dilute the solution. If, at that moment, there is a sudden loss of H20, a pressure drop will cause reversal of water flow in the garden hose and the insecticide will be sucked into your home’s tap, and can even wind up in the main line. In this scenario, a back-flow prevention device would be a hose bib device.

As you can see there needs to be some form of protection to keep drinking water safe from contamination. Did you know that there is only 2% of freshwater on the planet, and only 1% easily accessible. We must keep it clean and drinkable. With this in mind, The Safe Drinking Water Act was signed in 1974 for local governments to protect their drinking water.

The Importance of Having A Back-flow Prevention Device

When back flow occurs, contaminated water can enter drinking water. The contaminated water may carry, chemicals and other biohazards. To avoid the health risks associated, back flow prevention devices are installed at cross-connection points. Plumbers 911 technicians are skilled at installing prevention devices at both industrial and residential locations.

We can prevent back flow from occurring through several methods. The first is known as an air gap. This method is used to prevent back flow from supply tanks and contaminants from all other fixtures connected to the water supply. Air gaps are vertical, physical separations between the end of a water supply outlet and the rim of receiving pipe.

Other forms of back flow prevention devices include:

These devices installed right on potable water lines to protect against back-pressure and back-siphonage. These assemblies can be easily installed to protect you and yours from potential health hazards.

Our Services Stand Out

Our advanced network of contractors is carefully chosen and each technician held to a high standard. We hold high qualities such as:

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Each of our specialists has received over 10,000 hours of training and have had years of experienced. Constant and persistent continuing education ensures that our plumbers are up to date on the latest trends, techniques, and solutions.

Not only are our techs experienced, they are professional and trustworthy. Each has gone through extensive drug screening and thorough background checks. We understand that back flow and other plumbing catastrophes require prompt attention and thus offer 24/7 emergency service to address your needs.

Backflow Prevention Service | Florida PlumbersUnlike plumbing companies that charge too high for their services, or those who charge too low and sacrifice quality, we offer competitive rates and the highest quality of service. We strive to lower overhead costs and pass those savings to you. We are fully licensed, certified, and insured.

You must ensure that there is some form of physical barrier to prevent back flow from occurring. Our certified back flow specialists can install and repair your devices as well as perform an annual inspection required by many municipalities.

Ignoring this problem can pose a serious health hazard and penalty fees. Allow us to assist you by installing the recommended back flow prevention devices required. Don’t wait for back flow to occur and contact us today for installation and maintenance of your devices. Your satisfaction is vital to us and we guarantee that our service will leave you satisfied.

Contact us for all your plumbing needs today. We offer a broad range of services for commercial and residential needs. Big or small we handle it all, day and night we are always about. We are skilled, knowledgeable and have seen it all. Our expertise makes it easy for us to install your back-flow devices properly and ensure they serve you faithfully in the years to come.