How To Fix Leaky Faucets Like A Pro

fix-leaky-faucetFaucets are durable plumbing fixtures but that doesn’t mean that they are not vulnerable to issues. In truth, you’ll be able to use your faucets for years. However, time will come when you’ll notice that it’s already starting to rust. Aside from corrosion, leak is also another common problem among taps. Now you should note that there are different types of faucets and each one of them requires a different method of repair. So if you ever discover that your ball-type faucet is leaking, use this DIY guide that we prepared just for you!

1. First of all, you must get a ball-type faucet repair kit from the hardware store or plumbing supply shop. Repair kits are easy to procure and cheap, too.

2. Before working on your faucet, you must shut the water supply valve off. It’s usually found under the sink. After turning it off, turn the faucet on to relieve some pressure.

3. Afterward, get a rag or an old cloth and plug the drain. This way, the faucet parts won’t fall into the drain and get trapped inside the pipe. If you have a sink stopper or a trap, you can use it, too.

4. Now begin to work on your faucet! There’s supposed to be a decorative cap at the center of the fixture’s handle. Pry that off with the use of a flathead screwdriver. When you have popped it out, you’ll uncover a screw. Loosen that up with your screwdriver.

5. When you’ve loosened the screw, carefully lift that faucet handle. Detach its collar with the use of pliers. Afterward, remove the cam, the ball and the washers, too.

6. After the removal of these parts, try to reach the inlet seals with the help of needle-nose pliers. Reach the faucet springs and remove them as well.

7. Inspect the O-rings and check if they’re worn out already. If they are, you must replace them. Grease the new O-rings and install them properly.

8. Now check the valve seat, cam washers and springs. Replace these components, too. Your repair kit should come with new parts as well.

9. After replacing the above-mentioned faucet parts, you must re-assemble the fixture. Make sure that the connection is tight. Once done, put the decorative cap back on.

10. Turn the water supply valve on and then run the faucet. Observe if the leak has been repaired.

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Posted on: June 17, 2015