Tips On How To Fix Leaking Pipes

fix leaking pipePipes make up almost 90% of your plumbing system. These are where both your clean water and wastewater pass through every time that you use your plumbing fixtures and appliances. These are made from different types of materials and each kind is perfect for a certain purpose. Some are made from PVC; some are galvanized. Some are made from copper while some are of PEX variety. Pipes are durable and long-lasting but because of factors like age, temperature and pressure, they also wear out and get damaged in the end. One of the most common signs of pipe damage is leaking. If you ever discover a leaking pipe at home, you should have it repaired immediately. Here are some quick fixes you might want to try!

1. Apply putty epoxy.


The application of putty epoxy is the fastest and easiest way to repair leaking pipes. You can use epoxy on several types of materials such as metal, PVC, tile, fiberglass as well as glass surfaces. The epoxy easily bonds with these materials and provides a water-resistant seal. It may even work on both wet and dry surfaces.

2.  Use leak repair kits.


Leak repair kits are available in plumbing supply shops and home improvement stores. These kits come with tools and supplies that will help you stop leaks. These include wraps, gloves, emery strips, clamps, sealing materials, primer, repair tags, putty and also spray bottles. Just make sure that you know how to use these things before working on your pipes. Do your homework; read and watch DIY videos. If you’re not confident with your DIY skills, call your trusted plumber.

3. Clamp them up!


Another way to stop leaking is to make use of clamps. These are compression bands that will prevent water from seeping out of your pipes. They come in different materials and are capable of fixing leaks that range from 75 up to about 100 psi.

4. Wrap them up!


Pipe wraps are made from fiberglass material. They can be used to stop leaking PVC and concrete pipes. You won’t be required to have advanced plumbing skills when using these materials as they are very easy to utilize. All that you have to do is to turn the water supply valve off; wrap the affected area with the fiberglass tape and let the wraps set for approximately 30 minutes.

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Learn how to fix leaking PEX pipes! Watch this video now.

Posted on: May 20, 2015