Fixing Your Damaged Ceiling in Olathe KS

fix damaged ceiling olatheRainy days don’t only come with blessings, they come with ceiling damages as well. The biggest problem here is finding what’s causing the problem. In order to prevent any further damages and the same issue from recurring, the source of the problem has to be located and fixed once and for all.

A hole on your roof will not only damage your ceiling but also walls, worse, your electric lines, furniture, and floors among others. This is why it is important to immediately address the core of the issue and fix it to avoid further damages and loss of money.

How to Find the Problem on Your Ceiling

First things first. Before you fix anything, you need to find what is causing the problem. Busted water pipes? Leaky roof? These are just two of the most common causes of the water damage on a ceiling. Other causes include unattended sinks and bathtubs which in the end, overflowed. A clogged toilet could also cause major damages when it overflows. Aaaah, gross.

Finding what’s causing the damage is easier when you are familiar with the structure of your home. However, if this isn’t the case, then it’s high time to call the help of a local Olathe plumber to find the cause for you.

The Repair Process

Consider the following things before starting the repair process. How much will it cost you, considering the price of materials and equipment? How long will it take for you to finish the job? Can you ensure that there will be no back jobs after the first try?

If you are comfortable with the idea of doing the task yourself rather than calling an Olathe service contractor to fix the problem for you.

The thing here is to address the issue as soon as possible before it gets worse.

Once the problem is fixed, it is now time to check how long you have had the issue and how severe the damage is, so at least you have an idea on how you’re going to do the cleanup afterwards. Say for example, if the damage was not too severe, you only need to dry the ceiling. However, if it was too severe and has caused a long lasting leak, you only need not clean and dry the ceiling, but to check for mold as well. Be reminded that having mold in your ceiling can be dangerous and could cause severe health problems.

If you are dealing with mold, hire a professional plumber to handle the issue correctly and everything is removed. The plumber should leave no traces of mold once done.

After the water damage problem on your ceiling has been taken care of, it is best to see if it caused any structural damage and have it fixed by a professional, or you if you prefer to do it DIY.

We at Plumbers 911 Olathe will ensure that your ceiling problem is addressed to correctly and immediately. Prolonging the issue could further severe the damage and doing it by yourself will not guarantee you that the problem will be addressed to properly.

Posted on: May 28, 2017