How To Fix Crack In Fiberglass Tub

fix crack in fiberglass tubYour fiberglass tub is a beautiful and durable plumbing fixture. It is relatively stronger than the traditional ceramic and metal tubs and more beautiful, too. However, with constant use and abuse, it will eventually incur cracks, scratches and get chipped off as well. When these scratches and cracks are left untreated, they’ll certainly grow larger or deeper which can then lead to more problems. With the use of a fiberglass tub repair kit, you can easily fix these cracks and scratches without any trouble. Follow these steps to successfully complete the project.

1. Clean the affected area to make sure that the adhesive and bonding agent will stick efficiently. Use a lint-free cloth or rag with a household cleaner to remove dust and dirt around the scratch or crack.

2. Get a fine-grit sandpaper and sand the affected area lightly. Brush away the sediments or dust using a dry, clean rag.

3. When you’re done sanding and cleaning, get your fiberglass tub repair kit. Use the bonding agent or fiberglass adhesive that came with the package to paint the scratch or the crack. Make sure that you’ll also cover the very cracks or scratches. Also paint an inch around the damage.

4. Let the bonding agent dry as per the fiberglass repair kit’s instructions before moving on to the next step.

5. When the adhesive or bonding agent is already dry, apply some filler into the crack using a putty knife. Take time to scrape off any excess putty. Let it dry according to the kit’s instructions, too.

6. Once the putty is dry, sand the area with a fine-grit sandpaper. Keep on sanding it until the surface is already level. Get rid of the dust and sediments using a lint-free rag or a sponge.

7. Combine the epoxy gel coat. Using a paint brush, apply the mixture onto the patched area. Take time to paint the cracks and scratches, too. This should cover at least two inches around the cracks.

8. Get the fiberglass cloth that came with the kit. Cut a piece of it and place it onto the painted area. Press it hard onto the epoxy gel and run a putty knife across it. Doing so will remove air under the cloth thus ensuring that it will end up flat against the tub surface.

9. Paint the cloth with another coat of epoxy gel. Once done, apply the sealer or the finishing coat using a paint brush.

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Posted on: December 25, 2014