Faucets For Kitchens: The Homeowner’s Handbook

faucets-for-kitchensDo you love DIY plumbing? Do you usually take care of minor plumbing jobs at home? That’s great to know! If you are looking for new faucets for kitchens, read our blog today and let it become your handbook! We’ll share as much information as we can to help you pick out the right fixture for your needs! Here’s a list of the different types of kitchen faucets that you can choose from.

1. Single-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The single-handle kitchen faucet is the most popular and the most basic type of kitchen faucet you can get in the market. According to research, 80% of faucet sales are accounted to this type. Most single-handle faucets come with low spout. They feature one lever that’s used to control the flow and temperature of water.

2. Two-Handle Kitchen Faucet

The two-handle kitchen faucets come with a centerset that’s used to secure the fixture to the sink top. They feature two handles that separately control the temperature and flow of hot and cold water.

3. Two-Handle Widespread Kitchen Faucet

This type of faucet also has separate control handles for hot and cold water. However, the term “widespread” indicates that the handles are not connected to the spout or joined together.

4. Two-Handle, Single-Hole Kitchen Faucet

This is another variation of the two-handle faucet that doesn’t require 2 or more holes for installation. Instead, this type only needs one hole to be drilled on the countertop. The controls of this faucet type are connected to the spout.

5. Kitchen Faucet with Side Spray

The single-handle kitchen faucet may also have a side spray which can be used for rinsing food items or even dirty dishes. This type of faucet is cheaper than pull-down or pull-out faucets. If you want to give your kitchen a vintage look, you should consider this faucet type.

6. Pull-Down Kitchen Faucet

This is a modern kitchen faucet that features a spray wand that can be pulled down. This is perfect for those who love accessibility and functionality in their kitchen.

7. Pull-Out Kitchen Faucet

This is another faucet variation that features a spray wand that can be pulled out. Pull-out kitchen faucets come with a hose and spread head to provide optimum reach around the sink. There are also models of this faucet that can be swiveled 360 degrees for ease of use.

8. Wall-Mounted Kitchen Faucet

As the name implies, this type of kitchen sink is mounted to the wall instead of installed on the kitchen sink. If you want to easily clean your countertop or kitchen sink and maybe give your kitchen a tinge of uniqueness, choose this faucet.

9. Pot Filler Faucets

Pot filler faucets are favorites of housewives! Why? Well, they make filling pots and pans when cooking way easier. There are a lot of variations and styles that you can choose from if you want a pot filler faucet. They may also be mounted to the wall or deck mounted for kitchen islands.

10. Kitchen Faucet with Cold Water Dispenser

Of course, just as there are basic faucets, there are also high-end, designer and luxury faucets. There are kitchen faucets that come with cold water dispenser.

11. Kitchen Faucet with Hot Water Dispenser

There are also kitchen faucets that come with hot water dispenser.  Instant hot water for your drinks, anytime!

12. Kitchen Faucet with Water Filters

There are also kitchen faucets that come with water filters. The filtration system is usually installed under the kitchen sink. Before the water comes out of the spout, it will pass through the filtration system first to make ensure that you’ll drink clean, sparkling water.

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Posted on: September 29, 2015